The “who do you want to be” – Challenge

Follow the path of milestones to reach your goal by answering a simple question: Who do you want to be next Sunday?

Join us on this 10-week challenge to define and reach your goal.

To reach your goal, you need a vision. And the vision itself is the journey towards that goal. To succeed in living your vision and reaching your goal, you got to break that vision down into achievable milestones.

Come with us on a 10 Week journey towards the man or women you want to be.

Ok, let’s start.

Step one, find your goal:

  1. Take a piece of paper and write down everything you want to achieve (for 10 Minutes).
  2. Circle around ten things, you consider important.
  3. Highlight the most important 3 out of these 10.
  4. Now look at them and write one sentence which represents your goal in the best way.

Step two, declare 10 Milestones towards this goal:

  1. Start every milestone with: I will…

Remark: they should be achievable and positive articulated

  1. As guidance use all the essential words as possible indicators towards that goal.
  2. Check them for validation. Is this a milestone which is valid towards my goal?
  3. Then put them into a list.

Step 3) Now, start your 10-week journey towards your goal this Sunday.

  1. To participate first share your goal and your 10 milestones with us.
  2. Then begin your first week by sharing your next milestone as a comment.

Therefore, I will ask you a simple question:

What do you want to have achieved by next Sunday?

Take the first milestone from your list and share your positive affirmation as a call for action. Like this:

I will be a man/women who is  _______ by _________

Now comes the active part. Your task is to connect with your goal at least once every day. The more, the better.

Remark: If you fail to achieve your weekly milestone by Sunday, share your result here by reflecting what did not work and what you could have done differently. Now you have two choices. A) Stick with this milestone another week and go with what you could have done different or B) pick a different milestone and get back to this one at a later point.

Remark: Hang your piece of paper, with your goal and milestones onto your mirror in the bathroom. The note helps you while brushing your teeth in the morning, to have it present every day.
If you want to take part, post your til-Sunday goal now.

Have fun!
Hug Jörg

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