The rise of a man

Can porn addiction be a gift to your life?

Part 3: The rise of a man

Here we are with our third part of Can porn addiction be a gift in your life. Here you can find part one, in which we were looking at the tough way down, down into an addiction which will hold its grip tight. In Part two, we were taking a look at what drives this darkness and which needs which were not met?

Today, in The rise of a man, we will take a look at these topics: Is it possible to, and how can you escape this vicious circle? How can this bastard of addiction be any good for you, to power your striving towards a better life? Why are you going to excel on what you could have been before the addiction?

Are you ready, so let’s dive in.

You have had the chance to feel into your darkness, and maybe you have found the underlying emotion with at least one attached belief you took on. That way, you now know what is missing in your life – a need which did not get met. 

Once we are at this point, we can let go of this belief and take a few steps towards a whole and abundant life, in which this need is met or maybe not necessary anymore.

Do not demonize this insufficiency or the way you set up your life to meet this need and avoid pain, harm or death. You needed to survive this, and that is the way you dealt with it. You are looking at a picture of the past. 

Ask yourself, if you want this past to define your present?

Let’s get back to “now”. Allow the past to be the history, to conquer this situation from where you are at today.

Your belief system, the avoidance of negative results or the energy you invested in finding replacement strategies. That consumed a lot of your energy.

And if you do not further feed that need with energy, you will gain an immense wealth on power. A power that you can use for your growth.

Just feel the possibilities suddenly opening up in front of you. You are no longer a victim of your need. You are at the point to become a creator of your future life by shaping now. Feel it for a moment. What is happening inside?

The unmet need provides so much power, to finally get you to a place you did not dare to imagine. What a gift this can be.

Now it is time to take the next steps to manifest this. The intention is as essential as faith before you get to commit to your future you and transform this energy into life-affirming action.

The key is consistency in these actions. But be aware, to not deceive yourself. One step is merely a step towards your goal, but a significant one.

A step a day keeps the demons away.

By transforming this energy, you will usually feel a sincere gratitude, which is a form of self-love. You will flood your being with feelings of joy and experience self-worth. You won the battle against your addiction and found a connection with oneself. The war will carry on, but this sunset, you will celebrate as today’s victory.

So escape is possible through tranformation of the addiction energy. And this infinite power source, once interconnected will allow you to outperform any imagination you have. Fear of relapse into unconsciousness will fuel your path and then converts into the joy of creation as fuel.

If you want to unchain the power inside your addiction to welcome abundance and prosperity, to pave the way for a deeper purpose in your life, consider getting support. And if you feel, time is now. I am here to be your guide out of the darkness inside. I will accompany you through that and support you with powerful and simple tools to empower you to become the man you meant to be. 

This journey is worth to be taken, and you sense that. 

You see what you can become.
Man, it is all there to be created, crafted out of the power which is already inside you.

But you are not there. No, you are not. You know that. You are still down there, in that darkness inside yourself.

Does it feel comfortable? I bet it does, even with all this pain and the agony in your life. The question is not whether you want to rise. The question is, when are you ready for it?

I know you can, and I am here to support you. So if you are ready: connect!

Hug Jörg

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