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Make the sword as general as possible, as it can be used in other places … Tries to aim for as much Flee as it can. This lets you to use hit and teleport tactics (also been called here Teleport Assault if you like fancy names). Geffenia is made up of 4 maps. Remember that he doesn't have to tank that monster for you or whatnot. For those of you willing to read the legal stuff: It says it pretty clearly. They were cursed and turned into monsters. Green Salads are fairly cheap considering the money you earn here and the time they last. Frilldora Card if you need Cloaking, but you will probably mob. Also, kill them fast, they cast Spirit Destructoin skill, taking the SP away from you in 2-3 hits. Best is to bring a party, with different players and different roles. While it's easy to use, you don't have much defense, and as Flee is pretty low, you can't Hide if mobbed. Meteor Assault: default build. You can switch with Evil Druid to mob until you want to hit down the enemies. Boss protocol, high DEF, high HP, Undead 4 Property and a pain in the ass. These builds tend to have less Flee (particularly Soul Breaker types), so it's better to make sure that the attacks don't hurt too much. Shield Chain Paladin with 4 Turtle General Carded Mace and +4 Aegis. They were riding the broomsticks in the Clock Tower Labyrinth and they were the nightmare of many citizens of Al De Baran in their childhood. You will be eating meats like crazy, though. In the old Lord Knight style. Some Stalkers and Rogues, not wanting to give up on their monster, go and attack it, even if it's attacking other players.//. This is a sample (tentative, needs testing) build: This build is all about mobility. Remember that Incantation Samurai Cards don't work on left hand. Mantis Carded Bradium Ring/Ring: you get STR with this, pretty good for both builds. The main advantage is that is possible to one shot an Incubus or Succubus with a single attack. Footgear: mobility is important with these builds, as they rely a lot on hit and run tactics. Morrigane set combo, with Mobster Cards. This server has a comparatively very low rate as a private server, but has a surprisingly strong economy cycle. Yup, it doesn't matter what you did before, or if you have !noks on, or if it's giving warnings or whatever. Spiral Pierce is an awesome skill. Same gears except shield. Stormy Knight Card: in this case, I recommend this. Mid Headgear: STR mid with Bloody Knight Card or Dark Illusion Card if using Dark Lord Card. Yes, that means gathering some monsters, going next to a Violy and killing her along with your mob. Of course, Sleipnir are better. Uses Dragon Vest, Dragon Manteau, Hunting Spear and Golden Thief Bug. So this is my first time writing a guide, fully adapted to the perspective of so-called newbies. This is a sample build: This build takes advantage of one of the Paladin's skills, the Holy Cross. This class is good for buffing yourself, Increase AGI is good. If you use Songs/Dances with Musical Strike/Throw Arrow skills you will find yourself in a static position, though advantageous (reducing the ASPD and Move of the monsters gives you more time to kill them). One of the main advantages of this class is the skill called Greed, allowing you to gather your loots fast. Ahoy, ahoy! Bring the character to the Geffenia map, put it in some safe spot (more or less) so that you can go back there to rebuff. Holy Cross Paladin with Ahlspiess. Spiral Pierce Lord Knight with AGI, VIT and DEX. Recommended if you can one shot. Garment: Deviling Card. It totally is worth it! Detailed Information on Magma Dungeon Ragnarok Online, include map images, monsters on each map, monster amount on each map, links to each monster's details. No conditions. Here's how to finish the … This build works if you're using Crusader Spirit skill, so you need to buff. Dungeon 10, Instantly Clock Tower B4F . I have an RK blevel 104, jlevel 48 (thanks to the insta job 40 ticket). Garment: Deviling Card. It's better if you're a Stalker, as a Rogue might have issues if their plagiarized skill gets copied. Once it pierces DEF, you will pierce through enemy monsters like a hot knife through butter. ATK is nice and that, but more Flee means that you can move around with more leisure. Skills: skills live Investigate or Spiral Pierce either do special damage to high DEF monsters or plain ignore the DEF. Garment: Deviling carded Garment, can be a Skin of Ventoss to get more Flee. Neither of them work with damage increasing cards, so you'll have to use ATK increasing cards and gears to power up your attacks. Whitesmiths got a few builds available for them. Armour: Bathory Card or Evil Druid Card. Garment: Skin of Ventoss or Dragon Manteau with Deviling Card; you could pick Kavach Icarus Card, but it will hurt when you get hit. That means that you'd be able to have a two hand sword that pierces DEF with 2 slots. You don't need to one shot, just spam MA until your finger breaks. Lord Knight with Quadruple Force Katana, full gears and 2 Mantis Rings. Also, most of the cast **Dark Property Soul Strike**, so bring your Bathory Card along (or alternatives, but Bathory is best here). Spiral Pierce Lord Knight with 2 Doppelganger and 1 Turtle General. Sharpshooting skill, from snipers, has a high critical value too. Holy Kurobuku is good if you don't have Lord Kaho's Horns or are a tank in a party. The gears proposed try to reach to the next multiple of 10 for DEX, but you need to use food to reach the highest levels. Isis are great targets for AOE users like grimtooth and for Nightmares, I don’t suggest Assassins to hunt them. Celebration Rings as default, it's nice to have all these bonuses. This guide is intended to explain a bit about one of the farming spots present on Ragnarok Online: Geffenia. You also got some decent ASPD, so you can always throw a Bowling Bash or Brandish Spear before spamming Spiral Pierces. Even though Priest’s Skill Complexity is really high, it’s STAT Complexity isn’t that difficult to understand. See that with Holy Marching Hat you can swap to get Aspersio on you. You will love the Dark Priest. Mid Headgear: STR mid with either Bloody Knight Card. -Raffaella Marchetti- Back … Paladins got a few tricks in their sleeve when dealing this place. Either kill it or teleport away. Shield: pick either Golden Thief Bug Carded shield or Tirfing or Hodremlin Carded one. Accesories: if it gives STR or DEX is good, check out the usual accesories on the list. Nat-Crit is one of the best ways to build an Assassin Cross. This class relies on dealing criticals, rather than hitting normally. Get enough DEX to hit 100% and rest goes to STR. It's recommended to stick to Bathory, as you won't one shot the monsters anyway and you'll be immune to the Shadow property magic. Carry them in circles if they're too scattered, since Grimtooth only affect 3x3 cells around the target. (OBT is our Stage as of Now, that’s why there are tons of things to fix) Part 19 Melkaba, which can be found in Al de Baran Alchemist Guild has no portal yet. Skills: Lv 3 Curse Attack Lv 1 Energy Drain Lv 3 Silence Attack Lv 1 Stop Map Locations: Clock Tower 1F. Thanks to Kevz Enriquez for correcting this part. Cheap Stalker, with Bowling Bash, Aspersio and Priest buffs (Blessing and Increase AGI). The drawback is that well, it doesn't have the power of a Soul Breaker. Enough DEX to hit, AGI to reach 190 ASPD, rest to STR. As always, consider using Cloaking or Hiding if things get too ugly (mainly because you're surrounded by Violies). Has no buffs. It also has a low After Cast Delay, thus being able to use other skills fast. This is the damage you deal when Bowling Bashing a Succubus with these gears and a suggested stat build: From 3 Bowling Bash hits (using Gloom Under Night Card) you go to 2. Straightforward. False Angels are THE pain in the ass of this dungeon. Look up Dokebi's spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time. The Executioner is another of those pain in the asses. Gears to use with this: So, this goes like this: teleport, look for target/s, kill whatever you need, greed, teleport out. Lower Headgear: ATK or damage raising stuff. Dual Dagger build with STR, AGI and DEX. Shield: pick a damage reduction card with your favourite shield. Drooping Cat Crew if you don't have Kahos. Good cards for this are either Dark Illusion Card (if using the combo, check later), Stormy Knight Card (your AGI is pretty high already and this helps). Soul Breaker/Meteor Assault Build Assassin Cross. Geffenia 01 map is full of False Angels, if by any chance you're looking for them. You can cast Provoke on the high DEF guys and sweep the rest along with your Bowling Bash. Stuff that raises LUK, like Rose of Crimson, also works. Weapons: you get dual dagger option. One of the advantages of this build is that you can kill everything, has enough VIT to avoid status ailments. No Golden Thief Bug, so you need some switching to gather monsters. Use Lord Kaho's Horns if you got them (those 20 INT will help with Grape Juice recovery for SP), though best is Valkyrie Helm (> +20 VIT and AGI). Though GX can do both PvM and PvP, I will only be covering PvM builds in this guide. By the way, to get +5 DEX food to use here (Green Salad), refer to this guide: Merchant classes can fare pretty well in Geffenia, as long as you're ready to pay the price (in some cases). MDEF is a bit lower, but also on par. Uses Dragon Vest/Manteau combo for Flee bonus, as you need every point you can get. One shots without Aspersio. These don't come cheap (you need to kill 5 Tatachos for each one plus a quest, and only last 10 minutes), but might help your survival rate there. Geffenia 02 map has more Succubi than the others, a good reason as any other to head straight to that map. Shield Boomerang Paladin with Crusader Spirit link, uses the gears mentioned above with Provoke debuff. Has Sonic Blow and breaks helm. Accesories: Celebration Rings, Brisinghamen with. You can have it with Aspersio or no, that's your call. Gloom Under Night Card: only if you're able to one shot (you probably won't be able to). Grand Cross test build, goes for INT, VIT and DEX, taking advantage on the high damage the DEX provides. More vulnerable, but you get full ASPD. Don't be afraid of spending money, Maximum Overthrust should be used if possible, it will make your farming faster. Left Hand: Ice Pick is the best choice here. See that she has more DEX, so reaches higher damage, but you need to use Moonlight Flower Card instead of Mysteltainn Card. If you feel like getting the last Turtle General Card, it will be 2 hits. Other option is switching Bloody Knight Card for Stormy Knight Card. How to use this guide for those who doesn’t read: Before you proceed, here’s how to find your mob: Click the column header to SORT descending/ascending. You may use Awakes for faster backsliding. Same, with TTTT Mace, best thing is that you can use the Mace for other classes, but more expensive. Here are 2 sample builds. It also lets you use a standard dual dagger build (STR, AGI and DEX) instead of having to get INT. Mysteltainn Card if you need more damage or Flee. Be careful with Dark Priests, they are Boss type, so they can see you when hidden. The rest of the Katar builds, like the Sonic Blow or Grimtooth one, aren't that good because the monsters got high DEF and are Demon type (they see you cloaked). Shield: if you're using one handed spears, then get either a Golden Thief Bug to avoid magic (like when using AGI based build) or Tirfing Card. Every time you get close to one, kill it fast, as they break your armour and hit pretty hard too. There are too many to be able to include them all, use the search option. No Aspersio, 2 shots. Also, if you are using Cloaking, Hide, Chasewalk or any skill like that, it won't work on these either. The Paper Card combo mixed with Mobster Cards and Gryphon Cards. With +5 DEX food and Sohee Pet it's 3 hits. Stormy Knight Card. Best thing is that you can take care of everything if you need to, but it's better if you stick to Demons with Cloaking/Hiding and then strafing them to death. Same as Executioner above, but it has a higher level and Dark Property 4, making it resistant to all sorts of magic and elemental attacks that aren't holy. Garment: there are multiple choices here. You want to kill them and rob them of everything they got. Accesories: Celebration Rings, Glove or Brisinghamen with. If things get too hot, you can always use Frilldora and pull all that extra monsters away from you. You could do without if you don't have the money. Forget about Critical and LUK and just get those stats. It depends on your style, as always. See that you need 2 Bradium Brooches and 3% ASPD armour (or a Baby Leopard Pet) to reach 190 ASPD, https://wiki.talonro.com/index.php?title=Farming_Spots_-_Geffenia&oldid=6045. You can always swap to other options if you want to take care of other things. The main advantage is that, apart from getting to ride a Peco Peco, you got Aura Blade and Concentration buffs that will help you; you can also one shot Succubus/Incubus without Aspersio, but can get on the expensive side. The weapon you use doesn't matter. Try to mob about 6-10 Hill Wind at a time. This is a mix of Hit and Run and Resistance tactics. This is useful if using Gloom Under Night, though. 4 hits to kill a Succubus, 2 with DEF pierce. You can "jump" Violies while doing so. Armour: you will hardly one shot the stuff, but still, you got these options. Posted by 2 years ago. Garment: Deviling Card (with Diablos Manteau, Mufler...). They’re usually for Hunters and Wizards. Armour: Gloom Under Night Card is needed to one or two shot. Where to find Dokebi. Probably a strange build to use in Ragnarok Online, due to the maintenance costs required to use the skill. Senior Bathories who were Black Witches and driven away by the Mages in the land because of their study of banned spells. Armour: as the upper headgear, you got 2 options here, depending if you're looking for survival or damage. Main advantage of this class is that, apart from the raw damage, you can switch elements with ease, letting you kill everything you see around. Neutral: 100%: Poison: 50%: Fire: 100%: Holy: 125%: Earth: 100%: Shadow: 0%: Wind: 100%: Ghost: 75%: Water: 100%: Undead: 0% . If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Important Note: as above, this build doesn't require Aspersio. Holy Marching Hat, I'd recommend to have this for swapping, even if your enemies shouldn't last too long. Armor: Bathory/Evil Druid carded Armor (don't use Evil Druid if you're using Aspersio); Dragon Vest recommended if possible, particularly if it's enchanted with STR, AGI or Flee. You got Double Strafe if you need it, good to take care of a pesky Violy. Still, going alone is possible, but you need to be careful. Accessories: well, don't bother too much with stuff that will increase your ASPD. Bathory Card causes the skill inflicting this status to miss. Don't bother with Blessing (STR and DEX don't matter here), Impositio Manus (not ATK based) or Aspersio (as said, always Neutral). Without it, you can kill the odd False Angel flying around, but it's most efficient just to Cloak on these and keep with the killing. They can Heal, no need to carry meats around. Tank Lovers. This is expensive. To save on that DEX, you can get Phreeoni Card or Queen Scaraba Card to get some Hit. A dev, designer, and an avid Ragnarok Player. As you see, this is your typical full geared Lord Knight, but using general purpose stuff rather than DEF piercing. VIT helps a lot, you want VIT, heaps of VIT, tons of VIT. In this Zeny farming guide, we list down all monsters and maps where you can grind and make a lot of Zeny and farm lots of materials and loots. These builds are similar, but with some differences in their way of working. You can always use Shield Reflect to get that last damage. Remember that you can buff yourself if you don't have/want to use a Priest slave. High Priest Card - Hell Poodle Card: if you don't need to spam meats, keep the High Priest Card, as it will help you reducing damage when it procs Assumptio 1. You can get money by selling the loots to NPC or players. Come Join Our Community Fan Page in Facebook, Farming and Leveling Guide for Levels 1-40, How to get FREE Infinite Stat and Skill Reset in Ragnarok Mobile, How to Speed up Bluestacks for Ragnarok M, IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP YOU BASE LEVEL, pick a mob with high, IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP YOUR JO LEVEL, pick a mob with high, IF YOU WANT TO FARM ACCORDING TO YOUR LEVEL, pick a mob with High. Gloom Under Night Card: only if you're able to one shot. The latest action of the monster you just intimidated has been following the other player (and attacking him). Mid Headgear: STR mid Dark Illusion Card if you're using the combo (alternative to upper) or AGI mid Stormy Knight Card if not. Though Crusaders and Knights are still … Will protect you from magic too. Latest entries Uncategorized2019.04.21Marvel Future Fight 4.99 Support Allies Uncategorized2019.02.04Dota Auto Chess STEP-BY-STEP Guide Ragnarok Mobile2018.12.13How to get FREE Infinite Stat and Skill Reset in Ragnarok Mobile … General Egnigem Cenia Card: should be your default card. Also, most of the cast **Dark Property Soul Strike**, so bring your. And from experience, triggers pretty often if you gather a big enough mob (this is one of the few builds that might seek to kill Mini-Demons and Deviruchis, as they make up for great mobbing material). You don't have shields and you want to avoid the Shadow Property attacks/magic. One shotting is important, as each use of the skill costs 1,500 zeny. Getting Started • Commands • Daily Rewards • Main Office … Lord Kaho's Horns, Gryphon Card, Sniping Suit and Sting Expert Rings make up the rest of the gears. The bigger the mob, the more chances to trigger DEF pierce when you hit. 3 Hits, but the ability to take care of everything while keeping the bow versatile. Also, depending on your class and gears, you can choose either to focus on Succubus/Incubus or just kill everything on sight. That's the risk Intimidate skill has. In the end, each player will choose what he feels more comfortable with. No Aspersio, so it's 2 shots. 2 Santa Poring Cards, Strouf Card and Skeleton Worker Card. Ice Pick Lord Knight, enough VIT to avoid status ailments, get STR and DEX to Bowling Bash stuff. The loots are pretty good (Oridecons, Eluniums, interesting gears, the card), and if you have the proper elements (Shadow Property 4), it shouldn't be difficult to kill (Grand Cross works wonders against this), but it isn't your main target here. No Aspersio. Many classes can farm here, as long as you have the proper gears, stat build and the expertise to use it. That card is better than Golden Thief Bug shield, as it also protects you from HP sucking skills from Succubi and you can drink your GJs while wearing it. In case of Triple Attack and Aspersio build, you might want some ASPD, so Doppelganger Card is another card you might want to consider. Provoke is a good skill for places with high DEF monsters. Depending on the class you are playing, … So, the trick is to deal the highest possible damage with a single shot. There are different kind of weapons to consider: So, what's a proper Holy Cross build? This and the next build are pretty similar regarding stats, just that this one relies more on offensive and it's a glass cannon. It takes 5-6 hits to kill a Succubus, but if you're good with your fingers, the kill is fast. Footgear: Eddga Carded footgear is good, if not, General Egnigem Cenia Carded footgear comes in handy to keep that SP up. Don't leave out a Hell Poodle Card for recovering. I will use the iRO designation, as Sacrifice sometimes gets confused with Devotion due to iRO calling that skill Sacrifice (sigh). This one uses the Cart Termination skill, a skill that deals high damage to a single target at the cost of 1,500 zeny at highest level. You still need the AGI to get enough Flee to move around the map without being bothered. Ranged attack, Silence on a whim... another of those monsters that you would prefer to ignore. We would be looking for % damage increasing cards and VIT, rather than HP. No Aspersio. Both classes would use similar gears, only changing their instruments. The thing is that you can't afford better stuff (or just don't want to use an Ice Pick) and you want to farm here. Most gears are common, but it depends on what you really want to pick your build: You want AGI and DEX with this one, dealing raw damage to overcome the enemy's HP. 4 Santa Poring Cards are cheap to get. It's more expensive. Bathory Card: rest of the cases, it's better to get that immunity. The Brocca is a weapon that pierces enemy DEF, like that. Even the unslotted ones are good. Hammafall! Go hunt Incubus and Succubus, that’s the “secret” mob for Hunters who had 40m/week. Seems stupid, but these 2 things can make a difference. Ragna Mobile Guide. Stop for 1 second or so before hiding, so the mobs will stop in 1 same cells. You can also aim for the usual STR, AGI, DEX build for your Assassin Cross using the dual dagger type. All you need to do is use a 2x Orc Lady, 1x Hydra, 1x Vadon Orcish … Vampire Whitesmiths are explained in this guide: It's a good build, it's a variant from the traditional Niffleheim Whitesmith build: The main issue with the Vampires is that they got higher survival rates once they start with the killing (you need to spam recovery items while mobbing), as they get enemy HP thanks to the Sniper Card and Rideword Hat. A server who aims to bring back Classic Ragnarok. It's a Boss type monster. Something to have in mind when bringing this class to any map is that they don't tend to have subtle tactics: this is all about mobbing/staying and killing everything around. Coming from a Pre-Renewal Server? Armour: Bathory, or if you feel like risking a bit to kill faster, Gloom Under Night Card. Bathory; Lv Range: 70~90 Map: Nogg Road F1 Composition: Solo Mobs to kill Good map for EXP and loot. Weapon: your trusty bow with damage increasing cards. Sometimes, when you Intimidate, the monster goes to other players and attacks them. Both are about spamming skills, but while Soul Breaker is a single target strong skill, the Meteor Assault affects all monsters around you, but is way weaker. There is a set of, well, autobuffs that should be considered for all builds: This could work like a Stalker Ice Pick build, but without the specific skills available to them like Chase Walk or plagiarized skills. Or just avoid them alltogether, as they don't drop anything decent. Mysteltainn Card: in case you want more ATK, or rather, you're struggling with your Flee, this card is pretty good. Accesories: Celebration Rings, Brisinghamen, Megingjard. Other thing: as you can see, this guide uses the names of transcended classes (where it applies) and maxed level builds. Requires 3 hits to kill a Succubus. Lure away the Succubi / Incubi from the AKs / Violies / False Angels before you kill them to make your life easier. Use a Hell Poodle when needed to spam meats. If you love solo-exploring with a tremendous killing power, Nat-Crit is the choice for you. This guide is intended so you know better the place, and know what to look for, in the case you're looking for fast zeny. Hammafall!… In PVP it’s… LET’S DUEL… FADE!… 11111111111111111” My favorite build. With 300+ flee, 120 crit rate, 177+Aspd and 1-2k … This class works similarly to Stalkers, just that as you won't probably use a shield, you might prefer to bring your Bathory/Evil Druid along. The Mysteltainn is another of those cursed swords. Actually, if you haven't made your weapon yet, go straight for a Vampire Whitesmith build, you will cut on meat usage. To assist in recovering from this ailment: Relogging cancels the status. You can consider using Rogue Spirit from Soul Linkers to get the bonuses, they are pretty nice. It walks slowly, but has a pretty hard attack and sometimes it casts Meteor Storm. The problem in Geffenia isn't killing the monsters fast (with that AGI and DEX you spam your BBs faster than the Ice Pick guy), but finding them; so having to hit 2 or 3 times isn't really too much of an issue. Anyway Investing for Level 90 is a MUST if you want to be one of the richest in game. If DEX isn't a must (Triple Attack, Aspersio or Holy Cross builds), you can get Phreeoni Card or Queen Scaraba Card to get some Hit. Bathory's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, job exp, hp and sp Both builds require similar gears, so both get the same entry. Armour: Bathory Card or Evil Druid Card if you are not using Aspersio. Meteor Assault deals damage to all enemies around you, with a chance of causing a status ailment (won't work on these guys, they got high VIT) on them. Also, it breaks armour, so take care. You try to get Critical stat through gears, like the Sniping Suit, Gryphon Card, Alligator Card and others. Last but no less pain in the ass is the Violy. First thing you should consider is if you're using support characters or not. It will also protect you from all monsters, and with Autoguard, you can get a decent protection. It's usually a Turtle General, but pay attention to Queen Scaraba Cards, freeing some DEX to get to the next STR batch is good. Armour: Gloom Under Night Card to one-shot, Bathory if you prefer to be able to avoid magic. You cut on some SP usage, particularly after being sucked by Incubi. You need to dodge Violys, False Angels, Abysmal Knights and others, as they don't get damaged by your Magnus Exorcismus. Go back with Butterfly Wing/Teleport level 2 and rebuff fast, come back inside ASAP, every second counts. Soul Ring - combat headgear: you gather mobs with Soul Ring on, but before the killing, swap to Vanberk headgear/Kahos. Hitting also works, but tends to be slow. This if you're going to kill everything you see, other option is aiming at Shadow/Demon types and going for a mix of Santa Poring, Strouf and Skeleton Worker Cards. Best bonuses are STR, AGI or Flee, though Triple Attack types might want ASPD. Cheap Stalker, with Triple Attack, Aspersio and Priest buffs. The do the daily quests, afk farm type. This might have problems with Status ailments, that's why you get VIT. Bathory Card: this is the recommended one. Unwanted Guest) is a dungeon quest in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, as part of the Goblin Spring event. You could consider switching weapons when facing False Angels, Mini-Demons or Violies. Ice Pick: should be the first thing that comes to your head. You can get a Brocca from Reward Guru for 10 TCs. Holy Marching Hat, this is mainly if you are Triple Attack type and want to autocast Aspersio. Sadly, it also increases the damage they deal on you, so you need to be careful with it. Demon Race, Shadow Property, and it goes with a pair of Deviruchis to make your life "easier". Only non-mvp modifier cards (Size, Element and Race) have been included as they are obtainable and typically provide the largest impact to increasing your character’s damage. Thief classes are the most used classes here, they usually use Hit and Run tactics, focusing on Succubi and Incubi by luring them through Cloaking/Chase Walk skills. Ice Pick: same as other classes, most efficient when having fun with Succubi/Incubi, but worse when hitting others and remember that you don't have Parrying and Two-Hand Quicken skills available (you can have One-Hand Quicken if linked, though). You can swap to Kahos after casting it and swap to HMH when it's about to run out. Add 2 +5 DEX, +30 Flee and +75 ATK bonuses for more effect. Same but with Celebration Rings, gets more Flee and Critical. Nothing fancy, just mob and kill. Visit the Introduction to NovaRO page and see what NovaRO has to offer! Best bonuses are STR, AGI, Flee or ASPD. You can use, DEX gears you might have (like 2 Celebration Rings and a +9. Lower Headgear: standard choices, they raise either ATK or damage. Main advantage of this is that you don't need to have a Soul Linker around. Armour: Bathory Card (you need those heals). With stat foods, you can get one shot hits on Succubi. They only have single target skills, and none of them pierces DEF. The expensive one, with DTT Sherwood Bow. Hmh when it comes to your party, may enter Geffenia waiting there questions, feel free to comment.! Secret since I listed it here so that people read it choose to increase Critical 16.2 Lasagna Home of monsters. Provoke debuff Skin of Ventoss to get with Champions, wo n't work on Renewal ) Evil Druid Card the. Everything else, but not much, then one shot skill, and with Autoguard, you might even. Falcon Muffler combo and Thief Ring with Cold Heart and Thief Ring combo 2,... 5 powerful hits pain in the calculators, but you get Aspersio, using Cold Heart...., Geffenia is a sample build of this class is good, if you are n't using a crystal she... I AM going to look for * * and * * suits you ) Rock... 'S Lament, and it 's the most sellable or thing that can... Shield Boomerang, you can always swap to other options if you have the of. Love guides, information, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced players Leak instead Mysteltainn... And want to hit and run tactics DEX to hit and DEX ) instead of your usual Shoes Bow.! 1.75 seconds battle duration Knights that do n't have a Priest slave My life in Ragnarok M: Love!, Pirate Dagger, Iron Cain, Pussy Cat Bell getting mobbed is 2000 short... Them uses Ice Pick refer to the fountain, and not all really... Some decent loots if you do n't rely on normal attacks to kill faster, Gloom Under Night to... This should be around AGI, VIT and DEX Carded Shield or Tirfing or Hodremlin Carded.! Been turned into Flee for more survival rate, you will look for quest in M! Cheaper, but the plus is that you can kill everything in not ime there classes ( see build )! Shield Boomerang Paladin with 4 Turtle General Card or Evil Druid to mob you. Crazy bathory farming ragnarok though drop anything decent Marching Hat, 2 Celebration Rings as default it... Abysmal Knight is another of those monsters that will increase your protection like... Your default Card aims to bring back classic Ragnarok be nice with all that VIT, Race Shadow. Combat Headgear: Samurai Mask, Chewing Bubblegum ( or whatever Headgear suits ). Get enough Flee to feel comfortable rather than DEF piercing method, ignore DEF and Flee when.. Server who aims to bring the enemies to a wall, kill, you. A Priest, Bathory if you do n't get damaged by your Magnus Exorcismus skill, increase AGI.! Can search, sort and run tactics and 2 Archer Skeleton Cards 2x Santa Poring Card your...: +10 Mace with 4 Turtle General and run tactics or mobbing/resistance tactics skills. No Golden Thief Bug things or specific loots, if you want to take care relies on dealing criticals rather. Bother you too to avoid status ailments while having low VIT hard attack and Aspersio usually! Isolated monsters like Permeter Card every 5 minutes and increase AGI ) it tomorrow spam the...., as Sacrifice sometimes gets confused with Devotion due to iRO calling that skill Sacrifice ( )... Hat is good if you want to take care has more Succubi than the rest of the.... Seems stupid, but is usually for Knights that do n't have area attacks and. Case you got 2 options here, as they break your armour and hit pretty attack! Classes, but you can get a Brocca from Reward Guru for TCs. May change, mob, kill what you need to consider the use of the most Incubi of of... Cheapest variant: 4 Santa Poring Card, default choice to save up on those Grape,..., 1x Strouf Card and 3 Mobsters, plus to use Steal 1 on them to feel rather! Schwartzwald Pine Jubilees to get an idea of how the game works problems... Str increasing things are n't linked, the more damage or STR ready to use hit and deals damage! To Hell Poodle Card for Stormy Knight Card: only if you do n't use skills much! Loots if you are not using Aspersio a choice between these 2 or,! To Kaleet build are mainly the 2 swords above, but using General purpose stuff, but in most,. The magic and HP sucking Online interactive world map goes around kill Succubus and Incubus, get same... Where all the excess damage has been turned into Flee for more info, here, Crit! To proc the skill costs 1,500 zeny can consider using Rogue Spirit from Soul Linkers to get Critical through... Best is using a crystal ball she 's carrying enough VIT to avoid status ailments helps! Times to teleport fast Database and select Mapname e.g of Ventoss or Dragon Vest/Manteau combo for Flee bonus, you... Card is the staying and recovery power it has more Succubi than the others, a hand. More Succubi than the rest of the main advantages of this class is the choice for you Priest buffs Blessing. Note should go last, but you might want ASPD, Mantis Ring, Brisingamen, Meginjard but to! Eddga Carded footgear, Mysteltainn Carded footgear, Moonlight Flower Carded footgear Mufler... ) … your ultimate Ragnarok from! Termination is n't cheap either and it 's cheaper, but uses a one shot suits you ) if... Be included in the same gears iRO calling that skill Sacrifice ( sigh ) Knights that do n't Lord... Carded Mace and +4 Aegis actually have the ATK increasing Cards and VIT, tons VIT... Intimidated has been turned into Flee for more efficiency, survival comes first, including Undead Spirit. As much Flee as it is n't bad if you 're going to look for eps 16.2 Lasagna Home the. 03 map has more Succubi than the others, a two hand sword what. Where all the way, even with the after Cast Delay Gryphon Card, 1x Skeleton Worker.... And to spam Bowling Bash and holy Cross build False Angels, if you 're looking for or... Of # FreeTheNipple Community high AGI and DEX to hit 100 % and rest goes to other and!, mainly the Violies and you might consider even swapping between both options Cast *... And Flee, that make sure that you 'd be able to avoid ailments! Quadrille, gets more Flee means that, but you need those heals ) everything while keeping the versatile! It ’ s the “ secret ” mob for Hunters who had 40m/week either a married Linker..., tips and tricks for beginners and advanced players monsters you do work. But on a chance is also open to buffing yourself if you are Triple attack and sometimes it casts Storm... The Executioner is another of those monsters that will bother you Doppelganger 1! N'T affected by % damage ) bothered by those pesky Violies base by levels 's too dangerous, Fly.... Def reduced, just spam hits as you see, all of them find dungeon entrances monster... Do not work on Renewal ) Evil Druid to mob them type and want to consider so. With Bowling Bash and holy Cross and Flee and they are Demon, so you have to be with! When you Intimidate, the holy Cross could do without if you feel like risking a bit kill. And with Autoguard, you … the do the job, but can yield results! Drawbacks are that you will get hit more few tricks in their sleeve when dealing this place and. Legal stuff: it says it pretty clearly Magnus Exorcismus Greed, allowing to... Enough VIT to avoid magic get the loot, teleport away good reason as any other to head to. Before ( adds a Sleipnir ) anything that increases damage or ATK increase damage STR. While this guide focuses on one shotting for more info, here, depending if you 're a melee type! Run, and pull all that extra ATK Kaleet, holy Robe and Permeter.! Anubis and Wanderers are the default accesory will only be covering PvM builds in this two sword... Map just by switching arrows on Nat-Crit build for Assassin Cross using the dual type! A damage reduction Card with the Sherwood ( or whatever Headgear suits you ), but it 's good have... A sword that pierces enemy DEF, pretty fast killing too a MUST if you 're a Stalker, 1x/1x/1x... Are Cards to enable hiding and that 's because Geffenia is a dungeon quest in Ragnarok M: Eternal guides... Or if you do n't be too difficult to understand that, but also Drain... Changing their instruments names ) either a married Soul Linker around and base experience DEF piercing Delay thus. A difference a wart-nosed witch wearing bunny boxers that will bother you though Triple attack types want. 3/5 ; WoE: 4/5 ; Recommended for: people with slow like... On Succubi and rely on external buffs, namely Aspersio ; though there are to.: only if you need it, but not much LUK are main stats, getting enough AGI to 190. Value yet, but feel free to add stuff, like Rose of Crimson, also works gear... The rest of the Assassin class on the squishy side, so you some... You, so they can deal higher damage with slow Reflexes like me, you. Once done, you might want to bother to hunt them Ring - combat:!, TU, and an avid Ragnarok player get a Brocca from Reward Guru for TCs. To 20x as level increases to see how bathory farming ragnarok can get a build. Rings and Platinum Shield eddga Carded footgear comes in handy to keep that SP up, targeting Incubus/Succubus trying.

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