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Here are some scenes from inside the building, as well as the full setlist. Of course she took MORE pictures with the barricade stans who already have numerous selfies. Trust me, I got there at 5 and I saw thousands of people at 7:30 waiting for the doors to open, if her team was waiting for people to get to their seats it was their fault entirely. Same! I travelled to see her in Seattle in 2014 and I felt like she played mostly the same songs, which is a shame. Or maybe she did not practice enough. Review: Lana Del Rey sings dreary summertime songs in rainy Vancouver show ... American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey performs at the PNE Amphitheatre in Vancouver on Sunday May 25, 2014. She had a packed set list that was very diverse vocally. First thing I noticed, Roger's arena is not a place for musical concert, sound was bad. It should’ve been called the Born to Die tour because she paid the album dust. Lana Del Rey has been around since the beginning of the decade after releasing her two hit songs ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans’ in 2011 which was followed by her first major-label album ‘Born to Die’ in 2012. No one is entitled to her attention of course, but if you’re only going to one person, time and time again, that’s just shitty. Yes she had time to fit in more songs (and she did throw in SOC which i think has now been added to the SL) but whether she didn’t want to or couldn’t, doesn’t matter because it’s her show and she curated it a certain way. Lana Del Rey finally detailed her upcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell!, and now she's mapped out world tour dates in support of the new music. Where were the NFR songs? He vowed that he would never do that to his fans. About the bit of her just starting at 9 bc people were still arriving... i mean the doors were supposed to open at 7, they opened them at 8 and by then I would say pretty much everyone was already in line, if people were still arriving it’s because they had to go thru security, maybe take a quick bathroom stop or were lining up to buy merch. One of the reasons why her shows will always be some of the best is because of how she manages to interact with her fans much more than any other artist in the industry. The lights at Rogers Arena dim and the whole arena is alive. And it lasted shorter than a 90 min. She continued to release top charting albums and inspired many new up and coming artists with her unique sound. I don't understand why she came all the way to Vancouver for one day JUST to sing one hour. The American singer and songwriter has seen great success since her debut single, Video Games. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Best Coast have released a new song, “Different Light,” from their upcoming LP Always Tomorrow, out February 21st.. Photo by Ryan Johnson Tags: An Evening with Fleetwood Mac, classic rock, Fleetwood Mac, Gold Dust Woman, Lana Del Rey, live music review, Mick Fleetwood, Mike Campbell, Neil Fynn, Rogers Arena, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Vancouver, Vancouver Weekly Climate Strike 2019. BØRNS (real name: Garrett Clark Borns) is originally from Grand Haven, Michigan.He released his first EP, A Dream Between, in 2012.His debut studio album, Dopamine, came out in October 2015. I've been an obsessive fan forever and broke down as soon as I saw her. Francois Marchand, Vancouver Sun Sunday, May 25, 2014 She did make some time for them in the beginning as well as making her way off stage to the front of the pit and she did bring out Cohen and Lennon for duets on their tracks which was thoughtful and a nice addition. Lana Del Rey Reveals Cover, Tracklist for 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club' Rolling Stone - Brenna Ehrlich. She changes things as SHE pleases, all the time, it seems. She didn’t take much time in between songs and kind of gave off the impression she was trying to get it over with. Lana Del Rey has been one of my favourite artists for years so this show is definitely one of my favourites! Not surprising, as the song was produced by Toronto’s Gavin Brown (Metric, Barenaked Ladies) and mixed by Robert Orton (Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey). But i was pleasantly surprised that she included basically her entire discography. LANA DEL REY at Air Canada Centre, Monday, January 15. Lana Del Rey Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC - Sep 30, 2019 Sep 30 2019 Lana Del Rey WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA - Oct 2, 2019 Oct 02 2019 Last updated: 22 Dec 2020, 07:52 Etc/UTC She seemed to be in a hurry. Her show was set to start at 8 but she came on at 9 (understandable because people were still coming in up until 9). ", I didn't even hear one shout for an encore. Tour and other Lana Del Rey Setlists for free on! Lana Del Rey performs Off to the Races at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC, on September 30, 2019. for fans (mostly in their twenties) who drove for hours to come and spent at least $150-300 for tickets from their limited income? he's got like a hundred pictures with lana and it seemed like she only wanted to acknowledge his presence. Rating: NNNN The last time Lana Del Rey played Toronto was summer 2015’s flower-crown … Cookies help us deliver our Services. She had no opener which made this worse and her tickets were by no means cheap (some people paid $300+ for general admission because they sold out). But she only performed for a HOUR and maybe 10 minutes. Seriously 1 hr 15 min. Overall, she looked and sounded great. Lana Del Rey Used Election Night to Announce a New Album from a Denny's. I was there to see Lana and I’m glad the show went right into her. I’m probably not seeing her live again until she sings longer than an hour, with a setlist that’s actually recent. Lana Del Rey gave fans another glimpse at her upcoming album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, which will drop this year after a Covid-19-related … Her dress gave me Florence Welch vibes and her voice was amazing. It was not worth it. Leg one of Lana’s NFR tour was on the west coast with Vancouver as it’s second stop on September 30, 2019 at Rogers Arena. All general admission except some VIP. It was like the set list was designed for casual listeners. i’ve been waiting 8 years to see her and I had a tooth pulled 9 hours prior and I thoroughly enjoyed it but i do understand the points you are making. Then the stupid crowd started to leave right away, too. Chances are if you were in East Vancouver last night and saw a pack of 20-something girls wearing flower crowns, they were going to the Lana Del Rey concert. I was caught so off guard and confused. Then the lights came ON! Search for: Recent Posts. She should have sung at least 2 Honeymoon songs and more UV. People on Reddit say she didn't even sing most of her new songs; 50% were old songs instead ones from her new album. Lana Del Rey is basically the antithesis of the arena-level pop starlet, so for that reason alone the spectacle of the moody, Los Angeles-based chanteuse headlining the Air … I haven't been to many concerts in my life, but they all lived up to their big names; U2, Guns and Roses, Sting etc. Lana Del Rey is now one of the most influential pop artists of our generation and continues to influence many artists today. If you live in the U.S., you don't really have to worry about finding a tour date close to you a lot of the time, but if you live in Canada, there's usually a very limited option of shows that you can attend. I hope we come back and see you soon,” Del Rey said before finishing her 15-song set. It was WAY too short. I feel like she needs to understand that people pay big bucks to see her and she should spend a little more time on stage/interacting with the audience. Lana Del Rey however did not let all the criticism affect her career. Read more Lana Del Rey Concert Review. Photos—BØRNS at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Jan 20 2018 – photos by Kelli Anne. She had very little breaks in between songs, which were authentic anecdotes either about Long Island (where she grew up part time) or about the next song she was playing and i give her a lot of credit for the short breaks. I saw videos from the floor tho and they didn’t sound as good tbh which is usually the opposite of how it is. It was a surreal moment for myself and the other fans in the crowd because this was one of the songs that introduced us to her including myself. Another memorable thing about the show was the visuals she had in the back of her songs. Lana Del Rey, née Elizabeth Grant, has achieved global pop stardom by embracing retro Americana and melodramatic angst. Lana Del Rey's poetry debut review – sometimes cliche, always solipsistic Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, released as an audiobook this week and in print in … . Been waiting 8 years and was at Jones Beach. Tour” ft. Lana Del Rey @ Rogers Arena i thought going into the show it was going to be all NFR since that is what usually happens when an artist does a tour right after a new album. Ok that happens. Lana Del Rey (Sept 30 at Rogers Arena, 800 Griffiths Way)—The singer has a new album with a title we can’t print in a family-friendly blog like Inside Vancouver. So... yesterday I finally got to see my favourite artist live. We had 16-17 songs so I guess...we should be Happy...I guess??? im from bangladesh and i paid 300$ for ticket, more in flights/accommodation/food, lost three days of school during midterm season and waited in line for a day. In 2017, Lana Del Rey stopped performing in front of the American flag. Fairy lights above are shining on the two dancers that just came on stage and sat elegantly on top of the piano. Lana Del Rey - Video Games - NFR Tour - Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, Long Island, NY 9/21/19. i just saw her at Jones Beach - Long Island, NY & i’m glad to hear the show was exactly the same as your experience. It was followed by the introduction of the song, a soft piano ballad and Lana walking on stage to an audience of adoring fans. Lana Del Rey Honeymoon (Interscope) If Lana Del Rey's previous three studio albums were liquid sunshine, Honeymoon is a Santa Monica sunset: golden, exquisite, and laced with unexpected melodic. I thought I’d write a quick, honest review of my experience. I was looking forward to hearing Cinnamon, California, HTD! Doors were supposed to open at 7, show starting at 8. Lana Del Rey In Vancouver. there was this one guy (don't wanna name) who was rude to the girls around him. “Thank you for sticking through the rain. She was supposed to start at 8 and went on at almost 9, with no opener, which i was really happy about. Seattle tix were $90. Always giving him attention and singling him out while there are thousands of other fans in attendance. I was so disappointed by her Vancouver concert. everyone there was soooo nice so i felt good about that. It was way too short, yes!! When she started playing “young and beautiful” I was shocked, like “summertime sadness” I can see, not ideal but whatever, but seriously to play “young and beautiful” and not play “happiness is a butterfly” or “love song” or “cinnamon girl” or “california” or “how to disappear” like WHAT?! Without a doubt, this is the sound the band has been aiming for and it delivers the spirit-lifting message of My People with a sound that blows right up on all kinds of sound systems. A place to discuss and share all matters concerning singer, Lana Del Rey. A soft piano ballad plays and echoes throughout the air bringing silence to the crowd. For those going to her concert, I would not spend TONS of money on her ticket, spend ONLY what you can easily afford. It’s very difficult to sing at her level with such a wide range for almost 2 hours straight. and The Cure when they came here in 2015 (Robert Smith sang for 3 hours non stop, amazing.). The audience was so confused when she said “this is our last song.” There was a literal gasp on the floor. movie, oh well. It's too bad, she could put up a good show if she really tried. It’s made me think less of her, that she gives such special treatment to some basic narcissistic moron. Oh god, I hope the LA show is good, I paid $2,000 for 4 tickets, I’m praying she performs the fuck out of it, hahaha. You could tell in her voice when she was speaking to the audience towards the end but still managed to sing every song at a studio quality level. My favourite performance had to be ‘Shades of cool,’ the second last song of the night. Lana Del Rey’s music may be emotional and filled with sadness, but on Sunday night, she made the rain and the sad music beautiful for many Vancouver fans. Everyone was leaving and I stood my ground because I was certain she would come out and play “cinnamon girl” and/ or “how to disappear”. Coming off the release of her new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Del Rey was in town as part of her 8-city North American tour.The tour kicked off in Long Island, New York on September 21st. The setlist included a variety of songs from each album including some of her most well known, ‘Summertime Sadness’ and ‘Young and Beautiful.’ Lana also did a beautiful cover of Joni Mitchell’s song, ‘For Free.’ A few of her most memorable performances of the night include her fun and energetic performance of ‘Doin Time’ or when she was swinging on a swing during ‘Video Games’ where the whole crowd took over the song. Then after googling her setlist for other concerts in Europe, it turns out she barely sings 13-14 songs. Her visuals include clips of her music videos with a vintage aesthetic also joined by effects of waves and flowers overlapping them. She always spends her time signing posters, taking pictures, and collecting gifts that fans bring to her. I’ve been to two of her shows and both had a great calming vibe to them that made it more enjoyable than other shows I’ve been to. A September performance in Vancouver will be her only Canadian stop. Press J to jump to the feed. I heard that at JB she did not spend too much time with the pit and some people paid well over $300 just for the ticket and got there at 8 AM, went right into the show and left right at her last song so if she did at your show that’s great to hear. I don’t know if I’d pay $200 to see her for an hour again but I’ll always love her. I am now thoroughly into SOc & Pretty (probably too much) and I think because she has not toured NY/the east coast as much in the past few years she wanted to give the fans a wide range since she has not performed in these specific areas for a while. ... My name is Tonia Cornen, and I am a grade 12 student from Vancouver. Thank god I did not spend more than $130. Chemtrails Over The Country Club out March 19th, 2021! The only thing I was upset about was how the setlist didn't change much. I saw her last year during the LA to the Moon tour in Boston and this year at Jones Beach. Del Rey has released a couple of tracks from the album, including The Greatest, which describes as “a kaleidoscope of classic-rock radio transmitted through Lana’s hushed, psychedelic lens.” (Tickets: from $54 at … After the song, she goes "Thank you Vancouver" and they all leave the stage. I am French and Mexican and… Read more About Me. Don’t get me wrong, she is amazing, it was enjoyable, but not at all the transformative/ immersive/ narrative experience I was expecting. She swiftly moves to the front of the stage smiling and waving to familiar fans below as the rest of the stage is now fully illuminated. The “Queen of Disaster” Lana Del Rey was in Vancouver last night and she was a Queen indeed. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (born June 21, 1985), known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, is an American singer-songwriter.Her music is noted for its stylized, cinematic quality; themes of sadness, tragic romance, glamor, and melancholia; and references to pop culture, particularly 1950s and 1960s Americana. Visuals are very important to me because it helps bring the songs to life and tells a story. i definitely understand where people are coming from either as an avid fan or just a consumer who spent hundreds of dollars and wanting to see a “show they paid for” but I think that it was authentic Lana and it was worth the 8 year wait. I’ve been a fan since 2014 and have loved every single album she’s put out. i felt the same way. Some of my favourite visuals were in her performances of  ‘Bartender,’ ‘Ride,’ ‘Off to the races,’ and ‘Pretty when you cry.’ Lana ended the show with her 10 minute song ‘Venice Bitch’ where she spent her time off stage singing and greeting fans which has become a tradition for Lana to do at all of her shows. Join now to receive daily email updates. His band's encore lasts more than ONE hour for Christ's sake! She was first known for her sad girl personna which had gotten her a lot of criticism since her style was much different than the major pop artists of that time. I was there to see Lana and I’m glad the show went right into her. But I guess comparing the true professionalism and dedication of Robert Smith to Lana Del Rey is unfair to Robert Smith. As others wrote, barely 75 minutes with no encore?! What a difference a couple of days makes. They didn't even bother to stay to chant or clap, "more, more! I was hoping we would hear a couple more NFR songs as well. There was no opening act so the show opened right away with a black screen and the opening lyrics of her song ‘Norman F*****g Rockwell’ being typed out on screen. Her set list is... not good. I’m sure she pleased casual listeners but something was lacking. The overall impression, to steal from Lana Del Rey, is beautiful people with beautiful problems. Her shows feel very intimate like there is no one else in the room except you and her, and I think that’s why her shows have become very special to so many fans around the world and will continue being something that creates a strong bond between Lana and her fans. She can have world tours singing Summertime sadness to the casuals, I don’t care. I remember Robert Smith of The Cure said, as a teenager, he had saved up money and went to the Rolling Stones concert and was devastated when it ended in 50 min. Her new album, ‘Norman F*****g Rockwell’ was named the 19th best album of the decade and earned a Grammy nomination for album of the year. She’s received several Grammy nominations and was even named “Woman of the Year” by GQ. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, No holds barred, I've been sent to destroy, yeah. She especially shined when she sang Shades of Cool. Time to get rid of the medley and a bunch of BTD songs especially Blue Jeans, Summertime Sadness, and Off to the Races. Honestly i was section 109 row 2 and the sound was amazing where I was. "Ultraviolence" is a song recorded by American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey for her third studio album, Ultraviolence (2014). Review: Lana Del Rey sings dreary summertime songs in rainy Vancouver show. Her shows also have a great atmosphere and are not overwhelming at all. Worst concert I've been to in my life. She sang some new songs, some cover of other people's song.When she said "we got one last song left" I thought, OK it feels a bit early but I guess we're going into encore already. Or she didn't like the audience smoking joints or thought the crowd was lame? it was disappointing because i thought she might pull through for such a big venue but maybe she was just having a bad day. All in all, there always can be improvements in any show by any artist but i think this concert speaks to her as an artist throughout her entire career, she’s always done everything on her terms, in her way. Vancouver Concerts “The Norman Fucking Rockwell! I don’t know if she asked them to open the door later or not but have never seen something like that. It's a waste of her time. He’s a total asshole always dogging Lana on tour and she is eating it up. . Pretty disappointing when you’ve spent so much and travelled so far to see your favourite artist. It was some of the best vocals she’s done during the whole show which made it such a chilling and beautiful performance. BØRNS at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver. Lana Del Rey is now one of the most influential pop artists of our generation and continues to influence many artists today. It was her only arena show of … Leg one of Lana’s NFR tour was on the west coast with Vancouver as it’s second stop on September 30, 2019 at Rogers Arena. Lana Del Rey's Vancouver concert ended much earlier than fans were hoping. If she was sick and couldn't sing, that's another story. Smh. On her sixth studio album, Lana Del Rey has traded in her gloomy fatalism for a hot crush on California and the possibility of true romance. Many thoughts came to my mind: the Canadian promoter didn't pay her enough so she got mad and decided called it quit? We all know who he is, don’t worry. Walking across Cambie bridge into downtown was a crowd of people of all ages. Posted on May 22, 2020 May 22, 2020 by tonia. I mean she knows how to sing and I like her songs but that was just NOT right. She looked and sounded amazing. I just want to say I completely agree with everything you said- my friend and I travelled from another province to see Lana in Vancouver and were so disappointed to hear so many radio hits and so few songs from NFR. The singer/songwriter is on tour for his new album, Blue Madonna. I definitely was looking forward to The Greatest, How to Disappear & HIAB but i will say i now have finally gotten into Ultraviolence, which was always a filler album to me. She didn’t rely on the audience as must as she did for her last tour and the backing track wasn’t washing out her vocals. With a sold out crowd of roughly 7,000 fans, Lana Del Rey rocked the PNE Amphitheatre last night performing hits like “Young and Beautiful”, “Born to Die”, and “Blue Jeans.” It was her only arena show of the tour. Get the Lana Del Rey Setlist of the concert at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada on September 30, 2019 from the The Norman Fucking Rockwell! Lana Del Rey was Rogers Arena - Vancouver. The set list sucked and it was way too short. Great show and we would see her again. ‘Yes Vancouver!’ she says before beginning her dreamy and glamorous show. I also couldn’t believe it when she didn’t play an encore. Join the mailing list to receive daily email updates. BTW, she also lip synched one song. While it was a bit short, she was amazing and is super talented. The stage lights fade in following the one and only Lana Del Rey as she finally steps on stage. She had very little breaks in between songs, which were authentic anecdotes either about Long Island (where she grew up part time) or about the next song she was playing and i give her a lot of credit for the short breaks. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Her set ran until about 10:45ish and she mentioned the curfew but unless it changed, should have been at 11:30, which is when all concerts are supposed to end. Damn. Instead they opened doors at 8, and started at 9pm. Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Email.

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