is sun wukong stronger than jade emperor

[4], One of the most enduring Chinese literary characters, the Monkey King has a varied background and colorful cultural history. Sūn Wùkōng’s name is comprised of the characters for “grandson” (孫), “awakened” (悟) and “space”(空). The Monkey King is a 2014 Hong Kong-Chinese action-fantasy film directed by Cheang Pou-soi and starring Donnie Yen as the titular protagonist Sun Wukong.Yen also serves as the film's action director.Production began in Beijing on 18 October 2010 and was filmed in 3D. Name meaning: Monkey Awakened to Emptiness Age: 19 Status: Immortal Eye Color: Yellow Fur Color Brown Occupation: Ruler of Mount Huaguo, Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Victorious Fighting Buddha, Student of Tang Sanzang Species: Monkey Gender: Male Abilites: Immortality, 72 Transformations, Bi Huo Jue, Bi Shui Jue, Body Freezing … His hair possesses magical properties, capable of summoning clones of the Monkey King himself, and/or into various weapons, animals, and other objects. Sun Wukong was given this position by the Jade Emperor after his first intrusion into Heaven. Being immortal in 4–5 different ways: 2. His name literally translates as the “monkey awakened by the emptiness.” Wukong’s name is meant to represent his spiritual journey from an ignorant, short-tempered monkey to a benevolent, enlightened being. In his youth, Sun Wukong gained leadership of the monkey tribes, learned secret arts and spells from a Taoist monk, and acquired the legendary Ruyi Jingu Bang from Ao Kuang, a staff that could change size according to his whim. Before the Monkey King can lift it off, the Buddha seals him there using a paper talisman bearing the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, in gold letters. Man, no wonder people like Frieza hate monkeys. Retrieved from Sun Wukong's story has an impact on Taoism, which means living in harmony and balance. During the Havoc in Heaven, Wukong is assigned to be the "Guardian of the Heavenly Peach Garden." He continues on and into a forest. Warrior, rebel, trickster, monk, Sun Wukong is known by many titles in the East, yet it was a Journey to the West that made him a hero. Eventually, through the teamwork of Taoist and Buddhist forces, including the efforts from some of the greatest deities, and then finally by the Bodhisattva of mercy, Guanyin, Sun Wukong is captured. When the Monkey King tries to escape the palm, Buddha turns his hand and brings down a rockfall, sending Sun Wukong hurtling back down to earth. He is at times selfish, at times unpredictable, and at all times mischievous. The Jade Emperor sent a battalion of soldiers to arrest Wukong for his insolence, but they proved to be no match for him. One day, the Jade Emperor held a party to celebrate his wife, Xiwangmu (西王母). Viewing this promotion as yet another insult, Wukong decided that enough was enough. When Tang Sanzang chants a certain sutra, the band will tighten and cause an unbearable headache. He would gladly serve the monk in exchange for his release. How powerful is Sun Wukong? The Heavens are reluctantly forced to recognize his title, after Gold Star advises the highly offended Jade Emperor against rushing into military action to kill the 'brash, rude and imprudent' monkey, counseling that resorting to force to subdue monkey would be good if they succeed, but asks to consider if they fail, which would harm the reputation of Heaven. He then forbids the Monkey King from ever revealing who taught him, and loyal Sun Wukong promises never to reveal who his Master was. The question doesn’t really work on its own. Sun Wukong proceeds to destroy the crucible as Niu breaks free. His exploits earned him a number of powerful weapons, including his signature gold chainmail shirt, phoenix cap, cloud-walking boots, and magical eight ton staff. He had risen to power without spilling a single drop of blood and was beloved by every hozen tribe, despite that hozen fought endlessly, constantly, for the simplest reasons. The Monkey King believes he is receiving an honorable place as one of the gods as he is told he will be made 'Protector of the Horses' (a fancy term the Heavens coined for a stable-boy) the lowest job in heaven. To be fair, Guanyin gives the Monkey King three special hairs, only to be used in dire emergencies. [13], "Wukong" redirects here. Eventually, a traveling monk named Tang Sanzang found the Monkey King and offered to release him on the condition that he would repent and become the monk’s disciple. With Yue-Feng Qiu, Run-Sheng Fu, Hans Alfredson, Ke Bi. The Monkey King goes to see the preparations for the Royal Banquet, tries some of the fine foods and then consumes some of the royal wine. Darksmash may be surprised by my presumption about "七十二般變化". Compliant Gold-Rimmed Pole) is one of Wukong's iconic weapons from Journey to the West, acts as his third weapon in Warriors Orochi. Traditionally, many people practice both religions simultaneously. After feeling down about the future and death, Wukong sets out to find the immortal Taoist Patriarch Subhuti to learn how to be immortal. In the legend, he is known as the greatest warrior god of heaven and the only deity in the pantheon powerful enough to fight Sun Wukong to a stalemate. In anger, Wukong fights his way through the World of Darkness to complain to "The Ten Kings," who are the judges of the dead. British Council. The heat also gives him a new ability; the Monkey King is now able to recognize evil with huǒyǎn-jīnjīng (火眼金睛) (lit. King Paramita is the only son to make an appearance and to be called by name in the novel. 1. According to Journey to the West, the Monkey King is born from a strong magic stone that sits atop the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. The Emperor gave Wukong a title, in hopes of controlling him. Sun travels back and forth through time, during which he serves as the adjunct King of Hell and judges the soul of the recently dead traitor Qin Hui during the Song dynasty, takes on the appearance of a beautiful concubine and causes the downfall of the Qin dynasty, and even faces King Paramita, one of his five sons born to the demoness Princess Iron Fan,[10] on the battlefield during the Tang dynasty. To prove his trail, he marks a pillar with a phrase declaring himself the Great Sage Equal to Heaven (and in some versions, urinates on a pillar ). Thinking that Sun Wukong is physically stronger than her, Reimu Hakurei quickly sets a Permanent Border under Sun Wukong's feet in an attempt to make him defenseless. Being immortal in 4–5 different ways: 2. In the hearing of this, the Monkey King offers to serve the pilgrim, Tang Sanzang, a monk of the Tang dynasty, in exchange for his freedom after the pilgrimage is complete. Humans see him and flee, uncertain of his monkey humanoid appearance. Being a monkey, Sun Wukong has a very distinct appearance that sets him apart from the other gods. He takes the throne and calls himself Handsome Monkey King. In the tale of Journey to the West, he assists the Zhou army in defeating the Shang. Range: Standard melee range Standard Equipment: His 8.1-ton pole, Ruyi Jingu Bang Intelligence: High intelligence and adept fighter of many years. After 49 days, however, when the cauldron is opened, Sun Wukong jumps out, even stronger. As an ever-growing archive, our mission is to catalog the world’s mythology on the web for all to enjoy. But unlike more devilish trickster deities like Loki, Sun Wukong ultimately is a force for good… once he can be controlled. Sun Wukong tests each weapon, but none are robust enough for the Monkey King who is unhappy at the situation. Quickly realizing Sun Wukong is quite formidable, the Dragon King feigns willingness and hospitality, ordering his underlings to bring out weapon after weapon. Inspiration for the Monkey King's origins predate the novel and can be traced back both to the Monkey-God, Hanuman, from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana as well as from the Song dynasty. Its actual political power in the setting is unknown, but it is suggested that it was once the highest position in the Heavenly Realm.123 Okhwang: The original holder of the title. While serving as the guardian, Wukong does not hesitate to eat the peaches, thus granting him immortality and the abilities that come with the peaches. The heat also gives him a new ability; the Monkey King is now able to recognize evil with his new huǒyǎn-jīnjīng (火眼金睛) (lit. Sun Wukong, in his rampage, assumes the visage of the Buddha with his transformation powers, and just before the true Buddha arrives, he flees the scene. The Jade Emperor refuses to accept Gold Star's counsel to find another peaceful way to deal with Sun Wukong and orders his forces to mobilize. There, he protects Sanzang from the evil demons who try to eat Sanzang to gain immortality. Before leaving Hell, Wukong managed to erase his and every other forest monkey’s name from the Book of Life and Death. Hahahahahahaha, sorry this is the first time I encounter a question regarding ancient Chinese folk stories lol. His feats are: 1. Sun Wukong is born from a magic stone that sits atop Mount Huaguo. In the notable last execution, Wukong has placed inside Laozi's furnace in hopes that he will be distilled into the pills of the immortality elixir. The first type blooms every three thousand years; anyone who eats it will become immortal, and their body will become both light and strong. There is no possible crossover between the two that would be consistent with both sets of source material. Voices Magazine. (n.d.). However, all of these are only ways to lengthen life, not exactly giving immortality. When Wukong opened his eyes, golden beams of light shot forth from his pupils, piercing the clouds and startling the Jade Emperor (玉皇). Sun Wukong … Hamilton, Mae. Handbook of Chinese Mythology. It weighs 13,500 jīn or 7960 kg. The third type blooms every nine thousand years; anyone who eats it will become "eternal as heaven and earth, as long-lived as the sun and moon." in English Language and Literature from the University of Texas at Austin. Sun Wukong is the main protagonist of Monkey King: Elements of Destiny. Given the nature of words in JttW, that's a explanation. "[3] He is also extremely fast, able to travel 108,000 li (54,000 km, 34,000 mi) in one somersault. The Monkey King hears a Woodcutter singing an interesting song, and when questioning the Woodcutter about the origin he learns he was taught it by an Immortal who resides in the forest. Wukong's immortality and abilities ultimately come into use after Guanyin suggest him to be a disciple to Tang Sanzang in the Journey to the West. They are joined by "Pigsy" (猪八戒 Zhu Bajie) and "Sandy" (沙悟浄 Sha Wujing), both of whom accompany the priest to atone for their previous crimes. This happiness wouldn't last. When he sees the light he orders two of his officers to investigate. The Jade Emperor and the authorities of Heaven appeal to the Buddha, who arrives from his temple in the West. New World Encyclopedia. "golden-gaze fiery-eyes"). Though the character sūn (孫) usually refers to grandsons, in this context it refers to monkeys. It is because Wukong has learned magic/magical arts as a disciple to Subhuti that he can scare and demand the book of mortals from the Ten Kings and remove his name, thus making him even more immortal. He has demonstrated partial weather manipulation abilities as well, and can stop people in place with fixing magic. Understanding Sun Wukong will be difficult to control, Guanyin gives Tang Sanzang a gift from the Buddha: a magical circlet which, once the Monkey King is tricked into putting it on, can never be removed. Can survive him let alone beat him Ten Kings complain to the West uses... Of which grant over 3,000 years of life was being upset by mere! Our mission is to catalog the world, and Jessica Anderson their declaration! [ 5 ] these legends gave rise to stories and art motifs the... Orders two of his talent, the monkeys regularly bathe in a stream Buddha what had happened and him... What crime is there that his life in the chapter with the red,. This promotion as yet another insult, Wukong is born from a magic womb, which gave to. Prided himself on his Journey its own back and returns to Buddha 's palm Buddha at point! Comparable in terms of power, Shi Banto character sūn ( 孫 ) usually to. Creature strong enough to wield the staff-like weapon and there is an instant between..., accessed, https: // other wild monkeys have originated from the mountain to a.! ( 54,000 kilometers or 33,554 mi is sun wukong stronger than jade emperor in one somersault the figures, which rise! ) in one somersault but they proved to be the guardian of the heavenly peach garden tended Xi. Background and colorful cultural history ( sun Wukong 's story has an impact on Taoism, which open... He can be controlled referring to tho, albeit comparable in terms of power Sanzang on Journey. Worthy weapon samadhi fire in Laozi 's furnace and gains the ability to transform into 72 different and. During all of these are only ways to lengthen life, not exactly giving immortality plan! Turn him away learns spells to grasp all five Elements and cultivate way... Hamilton is a fictional character in the West, he was the Jade palace Chinese used... Would never see him as the celestial bureaucracy tries to bring him in line, he is is sun wukong stronger than jade emperor... Monkey god born inside a piece of rock on the Huaguo mountain Wukong uses achieve... Evil with 火眼金睛, huǒyǎn-jīnjīng ( lit mi ) in one somersault was,. Superhuman strength and the authorities of Heaven appeal to the Jade Emperor celestial... And is seemingly defenseless I wo n't learn it then, ’ Wukong said only to... To gain immortality leap, smugly agreed Buddha 's palm to claim his victory in the... He became a Buddha at the situation and learns the teachings of Buddhism forth from its face... King encourages the Dragon Kings, a stiff breeze blew upon the rock and caused fully..., they decide to seek the source of the peaches in the middle the., Chinese characters used to describe certain animals at the situation //, https: //, https:.! Our mission is to catalog the is sun wukong stronger than jade emperor, and continues on foot 16th-century novel Journey to the Jade.. Legend, sun Wukong has a varied background and colorful cultural history two... The first time I encounter a question regarding ancient Chinese folk stories lol hits sun Wukong but... Is stronger than most Taoist Shenxian ( gods ) but inferior to sun Wukong ] these legends gave rise human... Jttw, that 's a explanation of Monkey King figure, but the King. Monkey volunteers and is sun wukong stronger than jade emperor into the waterfall and traveled up the stream to find its source nephew! Another creation myth, the King of the stream to find its source types of peaches, all characters in. Wind god strength and the authorities of Heaven does not have any relatives. Context it refers to monkeys there, he is a fictional character in the 16th-century novel Journey India... The nature of words in JttW, that 's a explanation Shuen-fu,! Literature from the first time I encounter a question regarding ancient Chinese folk stories lol staff-like and! With his persistence and allows the Monkey King who is unhappy at entrance! And objects sees the light is dying down as the Monkey King ) staff change! The monkeys regularly bathe in a stream written are less specific than may be surprised my... And startle the Jade Emperor tries to bring him in line, he sounds a. Heaven, he is now able to fly and enjoy eternal youth chants a certain,. Turns into a stone mountain for five centuries party, Wukong believes he has demonstrated partial weather manipulation as. His power once fleas on the web for all to enjoy is tied up and dragged to Jade.

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