Congratulations! First Group did hit 90+ days

Well, that is a great success. Our first group managed to hit the magical 90-day barrier. But more than that as a mixed addiction group, we hit the target together. We had men who were suffering from porn addiction, media addiction and overweight. Some men had multiple goals. Every single man reached at least 1 of their goals. Most of them did reach all of their goals.
Just imagine that. A man who suffered from a massive porn addiction did manage with this group to stay more than 90 days without porn consumption, masturbation and orgasm. Hey disclosed to us that he now feels much more clear-headed and for the first time of his life free.
But not all always went good. Some men did not reach all of their goals or had reset. What does that mean? Some men managed to achieve, let’s say weight loss and spent the whole time without having to masturbate. But they couldn’t stay all the time without porn.
For them, that was already a great success. But this group did achieve even more. Without the concept of guilt and shame, they could admit towards the group that they had resets regarding porn. Which was probably the first time they could share that they had a “weak” moment. We do accept that and encourage them to share and own this experience. Can you imagine how good it feels to be welcome with that, to encounter no judgement?
But even more: Most of these men did manage to fight their addictions those 90 days and keep going for more. That means they achieved a considerable amount of addiction-free days and had much less resets than before.

This program does not offer to heal you from addiction. It does empower yourself to be your own medicine and encourages you to feel and see who you are, now.

The Picture is from Klimkin. Thank you! Beautiful depth of field.

First Group did hit 60 days

Wow, what a great success. Our first group just hit the 60-day milestone.

But let me begin from the start. After setting up the group core frame they had a video conference to connect and deepen their container. Each of the 5 men was setting their individual goals and shared what it would mean to them reaching it.

This all leads to a very motivating start for this group. It took some time to get to know the basic tools and the importance of why to stick to it. For some group members, it was hard to trust in the simplicity of these tools. But today’s results prove that once you let go of your prejudices and start to trust real transformation can happen.

Transformation? Yes. The idea behind our basic working tools is to empower ourselves by separating the negative energy of the addiction and transform them with the support of your group into a self-empowering action.

Just imagine: Everytime an urge for addiction comes up – you can turn this energy into something good.

So 60 days of learning, growing and empowering do lay behind us. That means we managed 66% of our journey already. Each day we went through our addiction to be one step closer to our first goal.

The Open Green Heart Project

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In a short while, we will host our open green heart Project. This will be the first project on

A group tool you can use to face your addiction. Our goal is to support each other without judgements and share with no shame or guilt by lovingly looking at how we show up with our addiction.

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In Kürze werden wir uns Projekt der offenen grünen Herzen starten. Dies wird das Erste von hoffentlich vielen Projekten auf sein.

Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Gruppen Werkzeug zur Suchtbekämpfung. Unser Ziel ist es uns gegenseitig urteilsfrei zu unterstützen und somit ohne Scham und Schuld uns mitteilen zu können. Dies erlaubt und einen liebevollen Blick auf den Menschen der wir mit unserer Sucht sind.