Our 10 Week Journey Starts Today

Man, I am so excited. Today we start with our new challenge, and you can join anytime. This incredible life-affirming challenge will help you to thrive and live your purpose by taking the actions needed to shine bright. And it’s free of charge! It is my gift to you as you are a gift for me too. So join me on that:

The “who do you want to be” – Challenge

Just click on the link above to find out what you need to prepare to participate.
The Challenge is as well poste on Nofap if you like to join me there.

A note in advance. The level of your engagement determines the outcome of this challenge. The more you achieve to cultivate the milestones in your daily life, the closer you get to your goal. BUT there is no wrong or right. Be kind to yourself while demand the best you can give.

Be as precise as possible while seeing these points as rough outlines. Your milestones and even your goal might change or develop even further during that journey.

A final invitation to help you thrive even more. You can post your daily achievements here as a comment. That will not only help others to learn and feel encouraged but will also be a great support to yourself, by affirming your achievements as new beliefs about yourself and your life. You will empower yourself. You are the mapmaker, and you take full responsibility for your journey!

Now is the time to post your goal and milestones in the form of a numbered list. And then name the first milestone and explain what you are going to practise during that week. And then add the sentence to answer the question: “What do you want to have achieved by next Sunday?” and manifest it by answering like this:

I will be a man/women who is _______ by _________

Let me give you my example below.

I wish us all a great journey throughout this challenge!
Hug Jörg

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