open green heart

To face addiciton you need to get into action

The open green heart provides you with all tools necessary

Group Chat

When addiction kicks in you need support of a trustfull group, instantly.

Group compass

We help to join or build a group you will feel safe in.


Clear goals

To achieve your goal we help you to visualize what you want and get you into action

No blame - no shame

No judgements no shame or guilt

"understand whats going on - feel it - connect and ask for support- get into action"

The Open Green Heart Project

It starts with you. It might be a small step but it will be the most important one to let yourself o the hook.

Addiction is not a crime, still it is nothing you would like to share usually. In each open green heart group you will find and create your safe space. A space where you will be able to ask for support without shame or guilt.

We provide you with your team of supporters to get back into an open hearted connection and out of isolation. Without judgement we can accept, feel and reconnect to finally get into action instead of addiction.