Mindfullness your key to freedom

Well, in theory, we know the way, we have the strength to fight through it, maybe we even know the tools which we need to succeed.

So we jump into the darkness, we face and fight the dragon — the great battle for freedom of addiction. We give everything we have before we realise that this battle cannot be won in a single night. Now we see it will go on forever. And we jumped in without being prepared for such a long battle. We neither were ready before we decided to jump into this addiction in the first place.

So we soon need a pause. A pause of fighting our addiction. Just a bit, and before we realised what was happening. We have lost.

And if that would not be enough, we start to bash ourselves, and we take on new beliefs. Believes that we were never good enough, never will make it or that fighting it is useless in the first place.

A classic lose-lose situation.

And when we show up for the next battle, we will be even less convinced to have the slightest chance.

The end!

Or isn’t it? What if we could win this battle? What would be needed to have a more comprehensive perspective? To be more aware, to not let the addiction run our lives.

One of the golden keys to success here is mindfulness.

A simple tool, that can be trained like a muscle. And believe me, you will need this muscle to face your dragon.

Mindfulness will allow you to save energy where you do not want to spend it and will help you to focus on what is essential.

It will help you to raise your awareness early enough to feel the addiction urges lurking upon you. That will give you time to make a decision. One that is appropriate for that situation. It will not drain you; it will empower you and let you feel more confident. New beliefs appear, which will establish a much more positive anchor in your life.

So if you are sick of energy-draining attempts, join us in the “Open Green Heart Group” or choose a personal 1 to 1 coaching with Jörg Calvis.

Men I wish you a mindful journey, may the addiction empower you to find an even deeper connection to vibrant and healthy sexuality.

A hug from my open heart


The picture is from Kellepics. Thank you for that beautiful work!

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