Liberation Refuge and the 66 days to it

"You probably won't make it!"

But would you let this stop you?

Liberation Refuge

What is coming up, where are we heading?

Liberation Refuge is the biggest project I have ever taken on. And today I will share with you why this is the ONE thing you have been waiting for.

But first: What happened to the Open Green Heart Groups?
Why did I decide to shut these Groups down, in which many men found their way out of addiction and for even more this had been a shelter for accountability, hope and brotherhood?

After more than 4 years I had outgrown the OGH Groups and I have a bigger Vision! 

The good news first: You all will get free access to the Manual and can build your own OGH Groups to further work on.

Liberation Refuge

This Refuge will be a place for all men. It will be a gathering place, a workplace, a tool shelter, a discussion and fight area. But most of all, it is a place where we all do show up:

Open, vulnerable, with no bullshit masks. A place where YOU can grow and expand. It will be the back office of your life. That place where you take your visions and dive deep to find your needs enables yourself to decide which actions to take. It is a place where you will reflect and learn, where you get knocked down and taste the dirt of the ground and the sweet victory when you stand up again.

This is what awaits you! This is how much I can reveal today.

But to get there is a challenge. A 66 DAYS TO LIBERATION CHALLENGE to be precise. You only will be granted access to the LIBERATION REFUGE when you went through the challenge and did map out your one “Journey of fire map.”

So why should I go there?

It is your daily PAIN. That pain of your journey so far. The pain of all the daily walls an barriers you hit. Those times when you get knocked down and those little limiting beliefs get their approval to be true.

Because each time you find yourself back in the pit, in a dark place there is a lesson to be learned. A gift to change and accelerate your expansion.

But before you can extract the lesson and apply it to your life to 10X your journey, you need to face the dark side.

So ask yourself:

  • Why do you keep your eyes closed, when you need to see?
  • Why do you not dare to take the pain, when there is so much to gain?
  • What is holding you back to take action right now?
  • What is your story that keeps you away from doing what you know you need to do.
  • And if you don’t know what you need to do, ask yourself what it takes to get to THAT clarity!

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