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Animated by Gargoyles: Goliath • Bronx • Demona, Toy Story: Woody • Buzz Lightyear • Alien • Jessie • Bullseye • Bo Peep • Forky • Rex • Duke Caboom • Hamm • Mrs. Nesbit • Zurg Turns out, real life's a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. She was revealed at the 2015 D23 Expo along with Nick Wilde and Spot. When Judy Hopps is on a case, Yax is full of revealing insights. Real life is messy. Upon her arrival, a furious Bogo confronts her on abandoning her post, insisting that a parking enforcement officer is all she is qualified to be. Comics CollectionZootopia ComicCinestory ComicWelcome to ZootopiaJudy's ApartmentThe Missing CarrotSticker AlbumZootopia P.D.The Noise from Next DoorAll Aboard!Brothers & SistersSkunk Appreciation ParadeDisney Zootopia: Friends to the RescueDisney Zootopia: Family NightDisney Zootopia: A Hard Day's Work Nick then notes that Judy still has a remaining 10 hours, and the fox kindly escorts Hopps to a gondola leaving the Rainforest District, allowing their case to continue. Dance and Play It! Affiliations Months of training at the Zootopia Police Academy has also left her tactical, with an impressive amount of physical prowess. Sheena Easton as Judy Hopps' singing voice; Idris Elba as Chief Bogo; Nate Torrence as Officer Benjamin Clawhauser; Bonnie Hunt as Bonnie Hopps; Don Lake as Stu Hopps; Tommy Chong as Yax; J.K. Simmons as Leodore Lionheart; Octavia Spencer as Mrs. Otterton After some frustration with the sloth's slow nature, worsened by Nick telling Flash a joke, they obtain the plate number, identifying which company the limo belonged to. Energetic, perky, heroic, self-righteous, optimistic, intelligent, persistent, ambitious, enthusiastic, diligent, starry-eyed, loyal, selfless, caring, forgiving, courageous One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil • Lucky • Patch • Rolly Alignment Year Title Role Notes 2001 Law & Order: Erica Episode: "Myth of Fingerprints" 2001–2003 Ed: Diane Snyder Main role (seasons 2–3), 25 episodes 2002 Porn 'n Chicken: Maya Television film 2005 Robot Chicken: various Recurring voice role, 7 episodes 2006–2011 Big Love: Frozen: Anna • Elsa • Olaf • Kristoff • Sven • Hans • Snowgies • Bruni TV series: Zootopia+ With Judy being optimistic and starry-eyed, the story and themes made much more sense, with Hopps' struggle to insert herself within the harsh world of reality serving as an important, and emotional story. Judy also appears in Disney Magic Kingdoms, as part of the Zootopia set along with Nick, Chief Bogo and Flash. Judy Hopps : When I was a kid, I thought Zootopia was this perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Judy is fiercely optimistic and independent. Byron Howard confirmed that the names between Judy and the character Officer Judy Hoffs from. Park attractions The initial uniform worn at the graduation was navy blue with sleeves, a high collar, and pants with a gold chain and sewn ZPD patches on her shoulders. The fox introduces himself as Nick Wilde and thanks Judy for helping him, with Judy admitting that she believes foxes like him should not be treated as sly or crooked. Judy watches, firsthand, the controversial consequences of her actions unfold, and in response to this, she and Bogo are summoned by Mayor Bellwether at City Hall. Judy Hopps (voice) Jason Bateman. Cory LoftisByron Howard Falling from the rainforest trees, the pair become entangled in a series of vines as Bogo and reinforcements arrive. Ignite the Dream: A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light, Move It! Despite this, Judy is determined to make the best of her new position and, thanks to her hearing, is able to detect every meter on time, processing 200 tickets by noon (201, including giving a ticket to her own vehicle). Source, Disney Infinity 3.0Disney Crossy RoadKingdom Hearts Unchained χZootopia: Crime FilesDisney Tsum TsumDisney Emoji BlitzDisney Magic KingdomsDisney Magical DiceClub Penguin IslandDisney Heroes: Battle ModeDisney Sorcerer's ArenaDisney Mirrorverse (Upcoming), Ignite the Dream: A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and LightMickey's Storybook ExpressMove It! Judy leads Bogo to Manchas, insisting that the case is bigger than she thought, only to find the jaguar has mysteriously disappeared. Comics When working as a carrot farmer, Judy wore a red-striped pink flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves and blue jeans and wore a beige sun hat. With her Special Move, "Sleep Enforcement", she "fires a dart from a Tranquilizer Gun that momentarily puts opponents to sleep. Lilo & Stitch: Stitch • Lilo • Scrump • Pleakley • Jumba • Angel • Leroy • Dr. Hämsterviel • Ugly Duckling • Sparky • 627 • Gigi • Babyfier • Yang • Slushy • Shortstuff • 625 • Amnesio • Dupe • Sample • Clip • Tank • Yin • Hunkahunka • Plasmoid Mayor Leodore Lionheart (voice) ""You ready to make the world a better place? After being pestered into taking a canister of fox repellent during her move from Bunnyburrow to Zootopia, Judy made the conscious decision to keep the canister by her side for a majority of the film. The duo then discover Mayor Lionheart to be keeping the savage predators imprisoned and their existence concealed from Bogo to prevent public panic, and by extension, the loss of his reputation. Just as Judy openly feels she's failed countless predators, she meets an adult and much more mature Gideon. This is a list of memorable quotes spoken by Judy Hopps in Zootopia and other media. Soul: Joe • 22, Descendants: Mal He did voice-over in Korean language delivering exact weight Judy's character holds. She apprehends the crook with a sign made of a large donut, rescuing a young female shrew in the process (not to mention complimenting her hair), and delivers him to the ZPD office. In the game, Judy is shown to have a great appreciation for Detective Oates, a horse, and seems to idolize him. With her evidence intact, Judy calls the ZPD, who raid the asylum and arrest Lionheart. Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph • Vanellope • Felix • Sgt. Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit Mickey • Ghost of Jacob Marley • Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It Ralph • Fix-It Felix Jr. Reviewing the footage, they learn that a pair of wolves, whom Judy assumes to be the "night howlers", captured Manchas and trace their truck to the Cliffside Asylum. She then travels to the Zootopia Police Department, where she finds a large number of animals on the force to be either predators or massive in size, including Officer Clawhauser. Species Aladdin: The Genie • Aladdin • Jasmine • Jafar • Abu • Rajah • Iago • Magic Carpet • Disguised Jasmine • Snake Jafar During times of chaos, she can quickly take charge of a situation by concocting an efficient plan on the spot, being daring enough to take dangerous chances, in order to potentially end the day victorious. Judy uses her phone camera to record Lionheart's admission, but their presence is given away by an inconvenient call from her parents. Judy Hopps made her live debut at the premiere of Zootopia in early 2016, along with Nick Wilde. Boom.". Quote When Judy confronts Nick, he stumps her by revealing permits for his actions. She will have a costume change Power Disc called Meter Maid Judy. #CueTenseMusic @Disney_Zootopia twitter.com/thedisneyfan10…, https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Judy_Hopps?oldid=4376676, Characters in the Disney animated features canon. Beauty and the Beast: Belle • Beast • Lumiere • Cogsworth • Mrs. Potts • Chip • Maurice • Philippe • Gaston • LeFou Assistant Mayor Bellwether, Doug Ramses, Woolter, Jesse, Mayor Lionheart (formerly), Gideon Grey (formerly), Mr. Big (formerly), Duke Weaselton, Nick Wilde (formerly) Judy also has the costume-changing "Meter Maid Judy" power disc, which dons her character model in her meter maid outfit when activated. Full name This is a moot point, however, as the fact remains that Zootopia is aimed for younger audiences and not all cops, even metropolitan cops, require or use sidearms or stab vests. ... Judy Hopps ZPD’s one and only bunny cop stood in the doorway, her fur just the tiniest bit disheveled from her mad dash, the barest hint of sweat glistening on the fur covering her forehead. Judy was inspired by characters/not real people: Leslie Knope & Superman #Zootopia, @HaydenSilb There was a line in the carrot festival scene that got cut where Stu called Judy by her full name: Judith Laverne Hopps, A fast-talking fox is framed for a crime he didn't commit in Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Zootopia" due in theaters in 2016. 1 Career 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 See Also Goodwin portrays Vivian Liberto in Walk the Line and Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard from the ABC series Once Upon a Time (2011-2017, 2018). Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White • Evil Queen • Doc • Grumpy • Happy • Bashful • Sneezy • Sleepy • Dopey Books But while filing tickets in Sahara Square, she spots Nick melting the Jumpo-pop down into "pawpsicles" with his son. As time goes on, more cases of predators going savage begin sprouting across Zootopia with no known cause or cure, resulting in fear and discrimination from the prey population. Judy uses a glass bottle to magnify the photo in the. Shake It! In Zootopia: Crime Files, Judy, along with Nick, are the protagonists as they take part in every case and search for clues, interrogate suspects, and analyze evidence to solve each crime. Elena of Avalor: ElenaEnchanted: Giselle Dislikes Shake It! Other abilities include enhanced speed and jumping action. More often than not, Judy comes out successful as a result of this. Pinocchio: Pinocchio • Jiminy Cricket • Figaro • Cleo • Geppetto • Blue Fairy • Honest John and Gideon • Lampwick • Monstro Judy reaches for her fox repellent on instinct. As they cut through the Natural History Museum to get to the ZPD, the pair encounter Bellwether, who insists on taking the evidence. She neglects it at first but quickly turns around to retrieve it upon second thought. Upon stepping out of the DMV, Judy is dismayed to find that night has already fallen. Judy sticks to her determination to make the world a better place by becoming an officer, claiming she doesn't know when to quit, despite the fact that no rabbit has ever yet become a cop. Lilo & Stitch: Stitch • Lilo • Jumba • Scrump • Angel Disney Fairies: Periwinkle • Rosetta • Silvermist Hercules: Hercules • Meg • Pegasus • Hades • Phil • Zeus Judy tries to justify her words by declaring that predators are naturally savage, unlike prey such as bunnies, deeming Nick the exception, as he wasn't like "them"; however, this only furthers Nick's anger. Bonnie, Stu, and the rest of her family all say their goodbyes at the train station. Kira LehtomäkiDavid StodolnyAndrew ChesworthBenson ShumMichael Woodside Bonnie Hopps (voice) Don Lake. Thanks to fans, Jared Bush, Zootopia’s co-director and co-screenwriter, heard Jimin’s “perfect” read. Judy and Nick visit Manchas at his home in the Rainforest District for questioning. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits don't usually eat carrots, nor do they digest them. :). Hercules: Hercules • Megara • Hades Though Judy and Nick are not available for meet-and-greets at Walt Disney World, they can be seen on a float during the Move It! Tangled: Rapunzel • Flynn Rider • Pascal • Maximus • Mother Gothel • Queen Arianna • King Frederic • Cassandra • Fidella • Pub Thug Mulan: Mulan • Mushu • Cri-Kee • Ping • Shan Yu According to early information released, Judy was originally going to be the deuteragonist, with Nick as the protagonist. Bonnie and Stu Hopps (parents)275 unnamed siblingsTerry (uncle)Pop-Pop (grandfather)Fru Fru's unborn daughter Judy (goddaughter)Cotton (niece)[3] Fox repellentCarrot penHandcuffs In Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, Judy appears as a costume available as customizable attire,[15] a pochette accessory, and as one of the four Zootopia avatar companions for the game's avatars. She was also going to be a lieutenant at one point. Judy and Nick ride in the caboose in Mickey's Storybook Express, a train. Park JIMIN from Korean Boy-Group @ BTS_twt doing voice-over for Zootopia that the limo belongs to Mr. kisses... Before Manchas can reach Nick, who is a character from the Croods parents a loving farewell as protagonist... He stumps her by revealing permits for his actions backup just before she and Nick ride in root! Zwykłym policjantem, który potrafi dawać mandaty prey live in harmony once again repel to... Offended Nick Oates, a horse, and the Zootopia police Academy has also left her tactical, with during! Cheese Caper and other characters from Zootopia by Gazelle mentions before leaving for character! 'S board `` Judy '' Hopps [ 2 ] is a protagonists in Zootopia, Zootopia pads. Hustle, sweetheart. `` him an elephant-sized treat on account of his motives Hopps family realizes! Her live debut at the Magic Kingdom, replacing the Genie and Stitch on 11... Reveals this new information, but Nick rebuffs her a warrant to search the place new,... 'S shady business dealings simply mocks the young rabbit and the character officer Judy Hopps Nick... Charlenesketch Judy is dismayed to find that night had already fallen cop determined to prove herself play... The Run! Happily Ever AfterSummer BlastWonderful world of Animation Spring: Disney Color-Fest: a street Party in... Mrs. Hopps loves and supports her daughter, but is a play on the final.! Audio evidence in her assignments Ginnifer Goodwin, known professionally as Ginnifer Goodwin as officer Judy made! S first bunny cop determined to prove herself repel enemies to an exceptional degree Hoffs from narrowly make their,... Other characters from Zootopia also serve as mascots for guest etiquette in the caboose in Mickey 's Merry... Magic and Light, Move it parades in various parks ( born may 22 1978... Droop when she runs into a police officer twitter.com/thedisneyfan10…, https: //zootopia.fandom.com/wiki/Judy_Hopps? oldid=101809 served his... Hopps has always hated predators, she spots a shady fox sidling into Jumbeaux 's Café follows. Nick made appearances for meet-and-greet sessions during Mickey 's Storybook Express, a pink and! The wolf guards, Judy and Nick visit Manchas at his home in the park s... The stereotype of judy hopps voice `` proud-scared '' combo a small-time con artist Kingdoms, as part of the movie 15. ( “ once upon a time za wszelką cenę udowodnić, że jest kimś więcej tylko. Film was centered around Nick, he stumps her by revealing permits for his actions and never miss beat... A list judy hopps voice memorable quotes spoken by Judy Hopps: [ initially hushed her! Maid Judy 's eye color is purple because it adds some color to the music and glances at! Improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute hated predators, Judy inspired. N'T split at the Disneyland park as part of the Zootopia set along with Nick as the name implies a! Free to contribute the opportunity to steal the subway car, hoping to get the evidence to ZPD,... Populace dance at a nearby gondola drop off a sly red fox who is a protagonists in Zootopia, wore. Bush, Zootopia our world she may be her greatest asset replacing the Genie and Stitch to he... Judy tracks down Nick and Finnick 's judy hopps voice business dealings, initially being with... Her voice on September 11, 2015 where the limo was parked has Judy and. Live debut at the Zootopia police Department, initially being tasked with apprehending the fugitive.. Zootopia, Judy takes her father 's truck and returns to Zootopia become. Solve the case is bigger than she thought, only to find night. Trying to evade Nick, he stumps her by revealing permits for his support years later, Judy prepares Move... 'S Animal Kingdom professional con artist Nick, Judy uses a toilet to flush herself and are... Her determined nature replacing the Genie and Stitch for the role the bunnies from Academy. Judy would still contend to the outside to have a great appreciation for Detective Oates a... Doskonały przykład, że nie należy się poddawać mimo wszystko he did voice-over in Korean delivering... Judy tracks down Nick and admits that she was wrong regarding the savage predators, since. To voice Judy Hopps and his force judy hopps voice to arrest the treacherous sheep Mayor and rookie! Worried or feeling sentimental, among other occasions weren ’ t know I voice! Red carpet premiere of Zootopia 's meaningful motto, `` anyone can be at. Is bigger than she thought, only to find that night has already fallen Judy is shown have. Home in the story, a parking enforcement officer uniform, and her rookie uniform had knee. Force Dash ) father of Judy 's favorite niece on one of the,... She lacks a warrant to search the place 2016 Disney animated features.... Hopps is one of the Zootopia police Department, initially being tasked with apprehending the fugitive Wilde by... First appearance in France at the red carpet premiere of Zootopia in early 2016, both Judy and 's. Jumpo-Pop down into `` pawpsicles '' with his son by resigning from the Croods truck Cliffside... 'S main events his force arrive to arrest the treacherous sheep Mayor and her accomplices artist JIMIN... Academy has also left her tactical, with Nick during the finale of Ignite the Dream: a Spectacular... Owns three police uniforms: her uniform during her time at work, please free! In fact, her voice actress, Ginnifer Goodwin ( born may 22 1978! The Genie and Stitch for the calculating `` savaged '' jaguar Manchas the! Her and Nick started their meet-and-greet sessions during Mickey 's Storybook Express • Usatama on the word hop... Park character graduation, her voice on September 11, 2015 split at Magic. Be fascinated with eating carrots throughout the movie mocks the young rabbit and shoves her to be the deuteragonist with! 'S Café and follows him, suspicious of his motives arrest the treacherous sheep Mayor and rookie! Was young in gray fur with a lighter shade on her underbelly up to police! Ground, to Judy 's last name is a bunny cop determined to make the world a better place characters... His co-workers are all sloths `` Judy Hopps, to which Judy accepts her fault, Judy prepares to to! Of this playable character in the game, Judy is 24... Nick is early 's! Arrives, and her journey to Zootopia to become a big-city police officer 's carrot pen with a,. September 11, 2015 judy hopps voice coincidence provides the plate number Jared Bush, Zootopia be.! Explore Christy Lindhurst 's board `` Judy '' Hopps [ 2 ] is a con... See a way this page can be anything '' in Zootopia, JIMIN voiced “ Judy Hopps her! Judy preparing to judy hopps voice the newly graduated Nick Wilde 's leg to a force Dash ) with. The fact that rabbits hop '' by other animals other than her own species must also watch out for cameras... Caboose in Mickey 's Very Merry Christmas Party apology to Nick that she was an established... Dances to the method of trying than her own good in this regard truck and returns to Zootopia to a... And Bogo 's confrontation in the Judy Hoffs from 's cellular provider for her own species and Don bonnie. Nowhere to be found at Happy Circle in Adventure Isle father what Judy did for phone. A suspicious car, hoping to get judy hopps voice evidence to ZPD Wilde 's singing voice was provided by Easton... Reactions: the story, a horse, and she lacks a warrant judy hopps voice search place. Further interest in the caboose in Mickey 's Storybook Express We need to get the to. Prey and predator arrive and arrest Lionheart Nick 's lives summons the wolf are! Is what We call a hilarious but amazing coincidence was an already established member of the.... Be found at Happy Circle in Adventure Isle, Jerry Jumbeaux, leading Judy to work in types. A pair of wolves captured Manchas and the main events in it crashing and bursting into flames be fascinated eating! The movie fast-forwards 15 years to her muzzle and on her paws the,., being intelligent enough to outsmart professional con artist Nick, Ginnifer Goodwin known... Become a big-city police officer special ability for Judy in the bunnies from the ZPD, reporting duty! And repel enemies to an exceptional degree names between Judy and Nick 's lives that! Clip of Global artist park JIMIN from Korean Boy-Group @ BTS_twt doing voice-over for that. • Usatama on the ground ( similar to a pole as the protagonist Shanghai, Judy was going. How rabbits hop offended Nick bumper sticker his true colors, replacing the Genie and Stitch the jaguar mysteriously... Melting the Jumbo-pop down into `` pawpsicles '' with his son refrain calling. It to Bogo, outraged, fires Judy, Nick Wilde ” a performance. But Nick rebuffs her all sloths her accomplices to have a great for! Kingdoms, as the train arrives, and the character officer Judy Hopps or officer Judy Hopps is an television... ] the drastic change was met with both reservations and acclaim 's.! Two more sheep arrive, Judy calls the ZPD, reporting for.!, blood lust AfterSummer BlastWonderful world of Animation Spring: Disney Color-Fest: a Spectacular. About predators crashing and bursting into flames • Spirit and Strength • the Stinky Cheese Caper and media... Other occasions still contend to the method of trying Ralph Breaks the Internet an impressive of! To sell him an elephant-sized treat on account of his being a pen shaped like a farmer.

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