First Group did hit 60 days

Wow, what a great success. Our first group just hit the 60-day milestone.

But let me begin from the start. After setting up the group core frame they had a video conference to connect and deepen their container. Each of the 5 men was setting their individual goals and shared what it would mean to them reaching it.

This all leads to a very motivating start for this group. It took some time to get to know the basic tools and the importance of why to stick to it. For some group members, it was hard to trust in the simplicity of these tools. But today’s results prove that once you let go of your prejudices and start to trust real transformation can happen.

Transformation? Yes. The idea behind our basic working tools is to empower ourselves by separating the negative energy of the addiction and transform them with the support of your group into a self-empowering action.

Just imagine: Everytime an urge for addiction comes up – you can turn this energy into something good.

So 60 days of learning, growing and empowering do lay behind us. That means we managed 66% of our journey already. Each day we went through our addiction to be one step closer to our first goal.

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