Emotional Rage – Get to know your primate you

Have you ever encountered a situation in which you felt a pure primary instinct? A moment in which a massive wave of anger or outrage let to a reaction which you would not have been able to predict a split second before?

A minute ago, everything still seemed to be under control. You might have been in a discussion or argument while feeling confident that your opinions are reasonable. But now, this tiny split second later, your system has been altered, your blood is rushing through your veins. You are on edge. Even though you feel hyper fucking alive, your focus narrowed down to a tiny spotlight. You do not perceive or overlook any of your reactions or feelings. You kind of run on an outrageous Autopilot who is going to do whatever it takes.

And you know it as well “whatever it takes” is not going to be a friendly negotiation or compromise. It might not even collaborate with the usual conscious part. This beast mode is destructive in more than one way.

After the storm passed by, you realize that someone might have called you a short-tempered person, an aggressor, a predator or just insane.

“But hell no, that wasn’t me.”

And you will ask yourself what just happened? You might argue that this person triggered you, pushed the wrong buttons.

Guess who ran the system? It was your chimp. The savage and fierce part of you that you try to hide by all these social morals you took on. But if the right buttons are pressed, it is hard to contain him.

Then you face another problem. In our environment, we do not accept any savage behaviours. Especially if you are a male person, then you got yourself in deep trouble.

A lot of men are in deep pain. We hide our primate self as it is not welcome. We suppress it, contain our feelings and swallow them. We miss a natural valve to let the pressure go. as a result, we get sick in some way. We get depressed, and we search for other things outside of ourselves to cheer us up again. We find pleasure by numbing the feelings inside with a lot of outside distractions: eating, media consumption and porn, of course. As it won’t last long, and the next trigger will come along soon, we will consume even more. And here we go welcome to the hamster wheel of addictions.

Well good news first: Your Chimp is your friend, and he is your ally in life. He is there for a reason and plays a much more full keyboard of emotions than “you” do. He is the wild part, the one who breaks out in laughter until your belly hurts. He is the one who puts yourself in protection mode when trouble is coming along. He is the one who will search for the adrenalin rush when you go crazy wild. Yes, he is this part which will let you feel alive. 

So do you still want to shut him down?

Do you want to numb yourself to feel artificial short term happiness instead?

No! You want to get along with your ally. He is the one best friend you have. And it won’t make him happy to only sit in the quiet, dark rotten subconscious cellar you prepared for him. You will have to let him out and only contain him if needed. With patience, he will slowly learn to trust you again.


So get to know each other. Do not suppress half of yourself any longer, and your life will get much more colourful.

Soon we will let you know more about how to befriend again with your wild side. Stay tuned on www.HumanMankind.com.

wild hugs Jörg

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