Dude, you stink out of your mouth -How you master every routine

Good morning man. Do you know that? You get up, get dressed, have breakfast and go to work without brushing your teeth.

No? Why not? Very simply. Because it’s a subconscious program that runs there. You would never forget that. Or? Maybe it is so much of a routine, that you do not even think about it anymore?

It’s a routine. I had to brush my teeth twice a day in my childhood. And for sure I can tell you, it was not unconscious at the time. I was reminded continuously. How should I forget this? 

And the reason was always included. The why!

Over time I knew resistance is useless. It has to be done because it serves a purpose. “I protect my teeth”. As well as the routine, the message got firmly anchored.

Today, every day, I brush my teeth in the morning and the evening. I have internalized it so much that it runs entirely automatically, without much thought.

But why is that? A belief joined the daily routine. The action got connected with meaning. Through the constant repetition and the inner certainty that the sense of that belief connected with it is true and correct, I allowed the routine to sink into my subconscious. I embody the action. So the routine not only is accepted but has also been allowed to run unconsciously.

What does that tell me about my behaviour as a man?

If through constant repetition my action (the what) is legitimized by a strong belief (the why), it can be anchored as a routine in my subconscious.

My consciousness is freed from monitoring the routine because it got firmly anchored, which will create more capacity for new things I can put mindfulness on.

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So to successfully establish a routine, I need the “why”. The belief should be very coherent. Yes, it should be valid for me to the current state of my knowledge. Only then does the action get its relevance and justification. Without a firmly anchored “why”, I will not do sports daily, fight my addictions, optimize my eating habits …

Through constant repetition, in combination with a profound anchored why, this routine will ultimately sink into my subconscious and be internalized by me.

So let me ask you what your WHY is? Let me know in the comments below.

Have an awesome day with a solid routine you will master.

Hugs from my heart


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