Do you dare to join the Halloween Challenge?

Halloween Challenge. Everybody!

So when you wake up and read this, I invite you to a challenge. Always read until the next line and complete the task.

Task: Grab a pen and paper.

NOW. and then read on.

Go pen and paper. I’m waiting for you here.

Draw on a circle and write your name in it. Go ahead.

Big enough that you can write something into them.
Go on … no matter how stupid that sounds. Get involved.

Well, now draw 5 ghost outlines around it. Like this:

Soon you will close your eyes and think about your porn addiction. The seduction, how and why you had a reset, problems, weak moments, cravings … Let your thoughts embrace the challenges you’ve encountered.

Do it now for a minute. One minute is enough. But not shorter. It’s best to set a countdown on your phone. Do it.

As soon as the phone rings, write the challenge you just had to think about into a ghost.

let’s go

Repeat this task another 4 times, always with one minute on your timer until every ghost has a challenge in it.

Start. It is worth it!

Are all ghosts filled? If yes, then continue. If not, then do it now.

So now look at your drawings. You are in your comfort zone in the middle, the ghosts with your challenges around you.

Now draw a box under each ghost, like a pedestal on which the ghost can stand.

Write in each pedestal a belief with which this spirit can exist in your life.

The spirit says: temptation, breasts
In the pedestal is the belief: I am weak.

Find a belief for every spirit in your life and write them into the boxes.

Now hang the picture on the bathroom mirror and every morning in the next 5 days, when you brush teeth, you take one of the beliefs and turn it over.

Example: “I am weak” will become “I am strong.”

Say it loud! 3 times to the mirror. Look at yourself and listen to what your new belief is for this day. Believe and trust yourself.

Report here each day if you could successfully implement your new beliefs and tell us about your results.

Happy Halloween
hug Jörg

The credit for the picture goes to brenkee

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