Dude, you stink out of your mouth -How you master every routine

Good morning man. Do you know that? You get up, get dressed, have breakfast and go to work without brushing your teeth.

No? Why not? Very simply. Because it’s a subconscious program that runs there. You would never forget that. Or? Maybe it is so much of a routine, that you do not even think about it anymore?

It’s a routine. I had to brush my teeth twice a day in my childhood. And for sure I can tell you, it was not unconscious at the time. I was reminded continuously. How should I forget this? 

And the reason was always included. The why!

Over time I knew resistance is useless. It has to be done because it serves a purpose. “I protect my teeth”. As well as the routine, the message got firmly anchored.

Today, every day, I brush my teeth in the morning and the evening. I have internalized it so much that it runs entirely automatically, without much thought.

But why is that? A belief joined the daily routine. The action got connected with meaning. Through the constant repetition and the inner certainty that the sense of that belief connected with it is true and correct, I allowed the routine to sink into my subconscious. I embody the action. So the routine not only is accepted but has also been allowed to run unconsciously.

What does that tell me about my behaviour as a man?

If through constant repetition my action (the what) is legitimized by a strong belief (the why), it can be anchored as a routine in my subconscious.

My consciousness is freed from monitoring the routine because it got firmly anchored, which will create more capacity for new things I can put mindfulness on.

And there is even more! If you want to additionally unleash the power of the “How”, join me in my inner circle where I will coach you to find the keys to mastery, how to reach higher goals, find your path & finetune your direction.

The HumanMankind Inner Circle

So to successfully establish a routine, I need the “why”. The belief should be very coherent. Yes, it should be valid for me to the current state of my knowledge. Only then does the action get its relevance and justification. Without a firmly anchored “why”, I will not do sports daily, fight my addictions, optimize my eating habits …

Through constant repetition, in combination with a profound anchored why, this routine will ultimately sink into my subconscious and be internalized by me.

So let me ask you what your WHY is? Let me know in the comments below.

Have an awesome day with a solid routine you will master.

Hugs from my heart


Wake Up Men – The Podcast – Episode 2 – The story of whom?

Hey man, in this episode of Wake Up Men I will share a short story with you.

But whose story is it? What are the beliefs that drove my behaviour?

Situations like that, happen quite often to us. We “react” to something and emotions rise. Often this emotion is anger, sadness, shame or guilt. And together with that emotion, the former belief gets written on our hard drives. We embody that belief. A good and easy way to respond instead of reacting is by taking responsibility for that story. What is your part of that story and what is the real attached belief?

Join us on that journey and subscribe to our Wake Up Men podcast.

Great to have you here!

Thank you and a big hug


P.s Let me know what you think about this Podcast / How I can improve that service for your or let me know which topics you want to have covered.

Do you show up vulnerable as well

Last Sunday a brave group of men came together to form the first European Open Green Heart Group.

Today these men have committed themselves to show up fully and do the work. They have been setting up a bunch of agreements to form a safe container and will now work on their individual goals to let their vision of a porn-free life become true.

This journey is more than life-changing. It actually will allow you to live that life you have been dreaming of.

And I have got a question for all other men out there. Men like you.

Do you show up in life? Let me know how?

I am so proud of these men.
Hug Jörg

the image is from Herbert2512

Europeans fight for their liberation from porn addiction

I am so proud that this group consists out of courageous European men that will bring change to their lives for good.

It is time to fight the battle you were not been prepared for.

They will discover what amount of willpower they can generate, how to confront themselves with their darkest shadows to unveil the beliefs which drove their behaviours.

Change is not for free. You got to invest all you have.

There is so much knowledge going to be shared in this group. I already know! It will change way more than only their lives.

Proud and grateful, checking into the first European OGH Group, which is the 2 nd OGH Group.

Hug Jörg

Do you dare to join the Halloween Challenge?

Halloween Challenge. Everybody!

So when you wake up and read this, I invite you to a challenge. Always read until the next line and complete the task.

Task: Grab a pen and paper.

NOW. and then read on.

Go pen and paper. I’m waiting for you here.

Draw on a circle and write your name in it. Go ahead.

Big enough that you can write something into them.
Go on … no matter how stupid that sounds. Get involved.

Well, now draw 5 ghost outlines around it. Like this:

Soon you will close your eyes and think about your porn addiction. The seduction, how and why you had a reset, problems, weak moments, cravings … Let your thoughts embrace the challenges you’ve encountered.

Do it now for a minute. One minute is enough. But not shorter. It’s best to set a countdown on your phone. Do it.

As soon as the phone rings, write the challenge you just had to think about into a ghost.

let’s go

Repeat this task another 4 times, always with one minute on your timer until every ghost has a challenge in it.

Start. It is worth it!

Are all ghosts filled? If yes, then continue. If not, then do it now.

So now look at your drawings. You are in your comfort zone in the middle, the ghosts with your challenges around you.

Now draw a box under each ghost, like a pedestal on which the ghost can stand.

Write in each pedestal a belief with which this spirit can exist in your life.

The spirit says: temptation, breasts
In the pedestal is the belief: I am weak.

Find a belief for every spirit in your life and write them into the boxes.

Now hang the picture on the bathroom mirror and every morning in the next 5 days, when you brush teeth, you take one of the beliefs and turn it over.

Example: “I am weak” will become “I am strong.”

Say it loud! 3 times to the mirror. Look at yourself and listen to what your new belief is for this day. Believe and trust yourself.

Report here each day if you could successfully implement your new beliefs and tell us about your results.

Happy Halloween
hug Jörg

The credit for the picture goes to brenkee

Das Manual der offenen grünen Herzen – Deutsch

Willkommen auf der Manual Download-Seite der offenen grünen Herzen.

Um dir einen Überblick über unser Projekt zu geben, wie wir vorgehen und was du erwarten können, habe ich dieses Handbuch mit einer Kurzanleitung für dich geschrieben.

Das Handbuch ist in 3 verschiedene Abschnitte unterteilt.

Der erste Teil behandelt einige allgemeine Einblicke in unser Projekt.

Es folgt ein detaillierter Teil, in dem wir die „unterstützende Transformationsarbeit“ beschreiben. All dies zusammen gibt Ihnen einen Überblick über die Funktionsweise unseres Projekts.

Anschließend, im dritten Teil, findest du die Kurzanleitung, um die wichtigsten Ounkte nochmals in Kürze hervorzuheben.

Wenn du Fragen hast, schreibe mir einfach eine kurze Mail an info@HumanMankind.com

Are you a male role model?

What does it mean to be such a male role model for you?

You might have clarity on this question, but it is way more complicated to answer it.

There is no question about how hard this world needs more male role models. Man who show up in a “good way”. You might think about synonyms like integrity, truthful, clarity, giving, caring, reliable, precise, responsible and many more.
So let us have a conversation about how a man should show up to be a male role model in this world.

What is essential for you? What is still complicated to achieve? Where do you see the most significant opportunities to grow? And what next step can you take to be that male role model?
I am looking forward to your replies
Hug Jörg

Thank you for the picture ljcor