Are you prepared to be a male role model?

As a man, how do you show up? And I am not talking about the good days. I am asking you about these days when you are stressed out. The once when you get pushed way out of your comfort zone.
When things get out of control, the day feels like a nightmare, and you can not take it anymore. You might get angry, annoyed, ashamed, frightened or deeply sad.

Which kind of man are you when you express these feelings?

Being a male role model is easy on a sunny day. Get it?
These sunny days are your training sessions for those bad moments to come.

And when they come, you better trained your behaviour patterns.
These patterns are connected with your most profound belief systems of how a male being should act, think and be.
As a man, it is not about wrong or right. It is about which belief systems you run in your life. Will they support you when you get pushed out of your comfort zone? Or do they only work for you on sunny days?
To find out, ask yourself in the next challenging situation, what your grandson might say about you when he would witness you.

It is that moment you will find out if your belief system is in accordance with your picture of a male role model.
Tell me in the comments about what a male role model is for you!

Hugs Jörg

Thank you for the picture simonwijers

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